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How to build customer-focused business?

The best products, the quietest office, is the best place, but unless it's a "customer-focused" business, it does not matter, you will never really achieve the deserved heights.

So what can you do to build a business that is outstretched to the client, not the business?

Building Passion and Commitment

The first element of building is passion and commitment. It is the basis of a client-driven business. Without passion and commitment, the structure you want to build will be weak and soon crumble between the first signs of stress.

Passion and commitment come from you and your colleagues. We all have to believe in the concept that the client is at the heart of everyday activity. From the moment you go to work, everyone has to do everything they need to meet customers.

The key role of business, what can you do to build passion and commitment? Drive from the front and show an example. Keep the concept at the top of the agenda and present everything you do. Talk about it. Celebrate great examples of customers focusing on their full focus.

Structure of customers around the business is not a business

Every big business has clearly defined the process of implementing processes. Regardless of whether there is an official process manual or a quick guide to the process, a clear process provides clarity and clarity for both staff and customer.

But do not just build processes to make things simpler, build them to make things easier for the customer. Look at each step of the process and ask yourself, "Can we do something to make our customer even easier to deal with?" Are there any steps that can be refined or even completely eliminated? Be curious, bold and challenging!

Creating a Relationship

Keeping in touch with customers is at the heart of the customer-focused model. Make a strong, solid relationship and you will live with the buyer. Relationship building is based on ABC – Always communicate. Here are some ideas through building a steady and profitable relationship through ABC:

o Make a point to call your customers regularly. Set up a logging system that provides a regular reminder or prompt. Call them even if you have nothing to sell! Maybe it's a strange concept, but you never know what's coming out of the conversation. [Negyedik negyedéves hírlevelek] about the latest products, the customer profile for the future, and news about new employees. Find something that would be interesting and concurrently bound to both of them

o Show a point in any conversation to find out something about business that has not been known so far. Give us the interesting facts and think about how you can use it in the future. Imagine how great it would be to ask if the idea mentioned during the last conversation is going!

o Remember things. You can send birthday or anniversary cards to a key contact person, a simple thank you note to continue with us, to send articles or newspaper articles that you think will be interesting to them

Would you like to know?

If you want to concentrate on your reputation, try to find out what he wants from you regularly. This can be achieved through informal telephone calls or more formal surveys via mail or e-mail. Learn what your business is like, what they do not like and what changes they want to see.

We gathered all the information, suggestions and ideas, and outlined an action plan for follow-up. Once you have implemented the feasible suggestions, contact the customers and tell them what they have done in response to their comments. This shows you have taken your ideas seriously and they really care about what they think. Powerful things!

Customer focus can be very rewarding and will help you build a big business. Which step does it take today? Keep in mind: let the customers stand in the center of the focus and focus.

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