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Community Educational Center – CTLC Mandi Bahauddin

There is a tool in the world that can change the destiny of individuals. Manpower is the real gains of nations. Now the whole world has shrunk on the computer screen. In the current era, nations use labor force with information technology to succeed, but developing countries do not have enough resources to extend this technology to all sectors of society. In these countries, the digital divide deteriorates day by day.

In Pakistan, only 100 out of 100 houses have computers, so Pakistan comes from 178 out of 178 in the UNDP Human Index Index. In such an alarming situation, it is extremely important for international development that corporate institutions need to strengthen public and private institutions by fulfilling their human and social responsibilities.

Microsoft believes that the availability of information technology on the lawn is a promising bright future.

The combination of NCHD and Microsoft in this respect was a positive step. Subsequently, in the first phase, the literate women's computer training institutes took place in Attock, Badin, Gujrat, Mansehra, Mardan, Naushehrofer, Thatta and Pishin. In these centers, not only I.T. Education was provided, but qualified graduates also participated in data retrieval activities and paid reasonable rates for these derserving women. Other activities of these centers included the training of public sector staff, which would enable them to meet the challenges of official activities. Due to the excellent performance of these centers, in 2008, in co-operation with the district governments, the CTLC project was extended to more than 8 districts and the Mandi Bahauddin district on top.

The opening of the CTLC on July 7, 2007, featuring Riaz Asghar Chaudhry, the Nazim District as chief guest, was the District Coordinator Abdul Sattar Sheikh, Mr. Rehan Afzal, IT Director NCHD, Ms. Muniza Bashir Tarar, District Chief Executive Officer, NCHD, Mandi Bahauddin. This time, a large number of people from the private and public sectors were invited.

In his speech, Riaz Asghar stressed that such learning centers have to face the challenges. Ms. Muniza thanked the district government. to collaborate with NCHD at this center. Mr. Rehan Afzal focused on the results of CTLC in rural and disadvantaged areas to strengthen the role of women.

CTLC was a joint venture of the District Govt. Mandi Bahauddin, NCHD and Microsoft. NCHD, in this project, has provided computer, training material, and licensed software, along with technical assistance, to Microsoft while being the district government. (GRAP).

One day, CTLC Mandi Bahauddin is not working in real terms, partly because of some management reasons, partly because the letter of intent signed between the Directorate-General and the NCHD expired in 2009 and the center was handed over to the Directorate-General


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