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Starting Personalized Training – How Much Will It Cost?

I listened to an audio seminar directed by a personal trainer's personal trainer, who wanted to earn a lot of money from personal training.

One of the points mentioned was that we could start a personal training session for $ 1,000 or less. That thought of it.

There are specialized business administration, and in the last five years they have been doing a great job of starting businesses and I was not sure if they were right.

When you listen to one of these audio seminars, you will be invited to believe the presentation because they are the expert. Well, I have to say that the answer to the question is yes and no – and here are three questions to help you figure out.

If you have received an accredited program not certified by the NCCA (National Committee of the Certified Agencies) and have received an adult CPR certificate from the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association,. Expect to spend at least $ 500 depending on your past experience of testing costs, study materials, and CPR certification.

2. Which device do you already have?

This is the most important thing if you are planning a personal trainer educating your clients at your home. If you work in a gym, club or studio, this cost does not apply to you.

However, many of us who become coaches have quite a few equipment. However, if you feel that there is something you need to add to it, you can usually get it on ads and through the sale of garages, or you will be completely new to the discounted storage of your equipment store. So, this cost can be zero, between $ 200 and $ 300.

3. What will be your marketing material?

If you just want to stick to business cards and brochures (which must be business start-ups or employees), you still need to find everything you want to print. This is important even if you print them (which I did not recommend).

There were 1000 business cards printed by chain stores, and I got $ 54. I designed the card on my own website and started it at 500. Then I found a coupon on the website that allowed me to get another 500 free prints. There were so many, and I had to consider such things when I started my own personal training.

Brochures, letterheads, etc. Each one has its own prices. If I ordered the appropriate letterhead with envelope, that would be another $ 80. But that's just a business. So it's just business cards and potentially fixed, that cost $ 134. I still need brochures.

Simply add these three categories to a total of $ 934. That means $ 500 for certificates, $ 300 for fitting, and $ 134 for business cards and stationary. Of course, your costs will be different, but most importantly, if we realize that as much as any business, the highest dollar can spend everything or everything just for the absolute needs.

One last thing to remember: if you really want to start your personal training business for $ 1000 or less, you'd want to consider running from home so there is no additional cost associated with leasing a place.

Personal Training is a great business and can be started for a small amount. However, cooler heads always prevail when deciding what to spend and what to spend on money.

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