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How to Start Training for Strong Competitions

Every year, I get emails from people who are interested in training a violent race of island heroes.

They all ask me how to attend the course.

Most of these people, email me an email that contains similar circumstances.

They are using a bodybuilding program, but they do not know how to jump to stronger races.

I am often looking for the Internet in the documentation field Training in stronger competitions; It's a bit like hunting a needle in a haystack.

This article provides a brief guide for those who would be stronger competitors.

First, I'll assume that if you're interested Your competitors are probably well known to the basic lifts

Most bodybuilding routines are based on many exercises on the body part and high tail calculations for each exercise

If I'm training for stronger events, then another

Reduce the number of repetitions performed during training and only track exercises that are in direct contact with large muscle groups and events

Be absolutely sure that when you work with weights you stimulate as much muscle fiber, as far as possible. This is accomplished by heavy-weight large movements, that is, the 3 high lift lift, the Bench Press and the Squat. Clean, clean and press energy, clean up, and Jurk and Snatch in your routine if you can.

Do not overdo yourself, relaxation is important, try a two to three day workout week, between rest days. For example: Mon, Wed, Fri, or Mon, Fri.

Programming Sandbag Training Load a large bag that can be stored in excess of an army (about $ 20) filled with packed sand until the weight is approx. He does not pay £ 150. You can hold the outer edges of the bag and raise it as you compete in the race. You can combine it and lift it up like stone.

Working with the sandbag is strong in all directions and you can profit from it in the box office.

Here is a list of our events and the exercises that promote these events.

Farmer's Walk: Get trapped with heavy dumbbells up and down the gym

Register: and hit a heavy dumbbell. Sandbag work

Here is a sample 2-day Split program that you can have fun with. [19597004] Scoop work

Tire Flip: :

Day 1 Warming in Squats

Cleaning and Press 5×5

Seating 5×15

Farmers Walk Exercise

in the load carrier

Neck strap 5×5

Sandbag Work

You must strive to give weight to the bar for all your chances. And get your rest and eat good food.

Once you raise a minimum: 200 lbs, the military press 130 lbs, clean and broken 180 lbs, 300 lbs and deadlift 350 lbs are ready to compete.

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