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Airport training

The cabin crew training can take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks and takes place at the flight training center. Airlines are often looking for candidates who can demonstrate and have experience in managing the public.

In order to be able to attend cabin air services on international flights, applicants usually have to know at least one foreign language (and some major airlines require two foreign languages). Flight Driver Training actually includes physical requirements that must be met. Trainees must be at a certain height, construction and bone structure and must be at least 19 years of age.

After selecting trainees, courses are started at the appropriate training centers. Trainees learn emergency procedures such as evacuation of aircraft, operation of emergency systems and equipment, first aid and survival in water. The cabin crew must be ready to handle all situations, as it is likely to be responsible for dozens of people.

Additional training on customs and passport control may be required if the applicant has to operate international flights.

The flight attendance course is part of the simulation environment for both emergency room and teacher training. As your workout starts, you have to demand the services you have been tracking and criticizing. After completing the training process, you will receive the FAA's certified evidence (which should be regularly updated through further training and tests).

Flight guides usually work at a home airport when they get their training. Working for the airline for the first few years is about floating or reporting on short-haul flights. This period is called a reserve state. Once you have completed the maintenance period, you are a full cabin crew member and you will be offered regular monthly roles to the full participant every month.

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