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Train as a Military – Exercise, Training, and Principles that You Can Use for Home Training

A few years ago I bought a book about navy stamps and how they developed. I tried to find the book as a reference to this article, but I did not find it. Anyway, I've kept some information about the memory I want to share. First of all, the navy's seal consisted of four main parts: upper body, initial training, stretching and cardio.

The book did not talk about lower body training. In any case, the exercises presented in the book were very minimalistic and 100% body weight exercises. I remember especially the format of the training sessions. The Pyramid-Training Style Used

For example, say that the workout consisted of files and pullups. Here's the training with the pyramid method:

  • Pullers, 1-2-1 Repeat
  • Pullers, 2-4-2 Repeat

Or you can switch between the two exercises or just relax between each set. The Navy Seal book is actually 2-3 versions for each variation for each workout. The basic workouts followed a straight line. For example, if you raise situps and feet, the workout looks like:

  • Situps, 4×25
  • Foot Lift, 4×25

Of course, navy seals do not work that way. If so, I'm afraid the strength and conditioning programs of the army were not optimal in the fight. However, this book opens up people who think that they can stand in the comfort of their own home, like the military.

People admire how incredibly well-conditioned the military, even though they only learned about their weight. The truth is that the military training program has been transformed in recent years. They have been primarily training on body weight to include many different training methods.

Some military programs have full gyms, soldiers are doing a lot of exercise like bodybuilding and powerlifting programs. Others focus on Crossfit and Kettlebell training programs. But if you were going to start tomorrow, you would be 100% weight training.

Therefore, the basis for military fitness is still the core of body mass movements. The navy's seal book focused on the four foundations of the training on acne, collapse, coronary training and swimming. Personally, I feel that all you really need is wand, pullups, body weight squats and situps to develop the basic level of strength and fitness. which are special, but these principles are followed by the military, which brings such great results. You probably have better results than you can, even if you have a better workout program at your disposal. This is because two very important principles follow each other that can help achieve success for any purpose: you use fat throughout the day. Those days when I get my first training in the morning are incredibly hungry and I feel energetic during the day. I'm ready and I'm ready to do things.

Training Required

No objections to the army. That's why they are disciplined and get the results. If you have a goal to reach, you can not reach them if you are not really your workout. Get started today to get rid of any confusion and excitement.

Military Cardio for Fat Burning

We tested the exercises, the exercises and the principles. Now we get to the fun part – the cardio. In fact, for most people, cardio is not fun. Especially me. If you look at traditional military training, there are lots of running and lots of swimming. There are several courses and obstacles courses.

I'm doing a lot of things on the cardio every day and all day. They always move. So what can you learn from them? Well, one of the biggest considerations is that they are in a big group. You do not have to start the training club, but running, swimming or cycling with a friend can help you get extra cardioid.

When I was in Karate, I did the best when I fought or competed with someone who was able to press hard. Dominic and my friend had the same power and techniques. So when we fought, there was a war. But it was fun and we both burned one ton of calories during the workout. [1965:002] Overall: Military-style Workout You Can Do at Home

Well, if your Goals Begin with some basic military training, then do the following steps:

  1. Stick to the Basics: Acne, Pullups, Situps, and Squats
  2. Meet a friend for training. Make sure you press each other.
  3. Lead the first thing in the morning.
  4. Make sure you train by the regular schedule. Do not let yourself be objected.
  5. Find the fun activity. This is the best cardio.

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