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Top Ten Horse Racing Handicappers

When handling horse races, you are the CEO of the bankroll. Like all high-quality CEOs, he needs advice from the board members, the manager under management, and the chartered advisors. They all give you ideas and advice to increase the bottom line.

Consultants should consider professional counselors that provide timely data, give good reasons for picking and other relevant analysis of upcoming competitions. As the Chief Executive Officer of the bankroll, aggregating this information, you add yourself to your own disadvantage and get a well-thought out selection.

Here are the ten best horse races, in my humble opinion that you would like to consider the horse racing consultant. Some of them are Chicago handicappers.

first Steven Crist-Every godfather's godfather. Always give you excellent information on your blog on the Daily Racing Form ( website. He is the other exotic betting and most handicapping books

2. Dan Illman – An excellent handicapper is also an informative blog at Betting Maidens and Author of 2 Years. Illman is keen on keeping horses in a race that does not necessarily exist on all radars.

3rd Steve Davidowitz – wrote the Mid-Term Handicapping Book, which has been updated recently, Thoroughbreds for the 21st Century. Last summer, he visited Arlington Park (Chicago) with a book signed and gave very reliable advice on the 7 furlong race that day. In this kind of race you have to carefully watch the horses that are leaving the last race. It must have been that day

. Paul Lambrakis-A solid handicapper on the Southern California racing track. You have a wonderful handbook, the 10 Cent Superfecta betting guide. It gives you excellent advice on how to put together a strong 10 percent superfecta ticket. With full graphs you can easily determine how much your prospective ticket will cost. I find the delivery advice very useful.

5th Brad Free-Another South California handicapper who gives decent competition tips for contests at Southern California Tracks. He is the author of 101 Handicapping. Freedom usually provides an insight into the "Race of the Day" DRF when it is in Southern California.

6th Scott McMannis writes the Chicago Trainer Stat book for both Arlington Park and Hawthorne Race Course. He often hosts seminars that are very informative.

7th Katy Mikolay – A fairly handicapper who offers advice on the Hawthorne Race Track (Chicago). It offers great choices to help you pick up tickets at key competitions.

8th Joe Kristufek – The handicap of the Daily Herald (Suburban Chicago), Kristufek always has an excellent insight into each horse's race. In particular, he takes some shades of competition from his writings.

ninth Ron Uchman-A handicapper for both Arlington Park and Hawthorne Race Course and Chicago. Your choice is usually very good and you should realize all the tickets you can put together.

10th TIE. The ladies of the CDI. Jill Byrne (Churchill Downs) and Jessica Pacheco (Fairgrounds). Both offers are excellent for each number on a website. Jill is pecky and his chicks should not be reduced. Jessica is a good track-racing analyst in New Orleans.

Many handicappers thrive on huge scores and make the best of what they are doing. These guys are trying to sell some sort of sheet. Then there are those who are quiet at their work and provide useful delivery information, great analysis and good choices. To maintain your budget and create a bankroll, these are the ones that you need to use as a consultant for your disadvantaged success.

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