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Qingdao – Olympic Sailing City

Qingdao is a famous and beautiful seaside town located in the southeast of Shandong province. At the end of the 19th century, Qingdao became a German colonial town and the city still retained the architectural pearls and some cultures left by the Germans. Qingdao's famous charming seaside landscape and Tsingtao's bears. Qingdao is also proud of being the host city of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and hosting Olympic sailing and beach volleyball events. Qingdao tours include other interesting things in the Olympic Games:

Qingdao Beaches
Qingdao's name is called the beaches. The beautiful sandy shoreline provides an ideal location for visitors to relax while dipping the rays or leaving some of the oceanic sports. Huiquan Beach is often called the first bathing beach in the largest beach in Asia. It is located in Huiquan Bay, famous for fine gravel sand, moderate slope, clean water and soft waves. Two other famous beaches are the second bathing beach, which is the Badaguan Scenic Area and Third Bathing Beach, which is located east of the Taiping Angle and Zganshan Bay.

Qingdao brewery
Qingdao brewery was built in 1903 from the Qingdao Germans. This first brewery was built in China, using European techniques. It has become one of the most famous Chinese brands in the world.

Qingdao International Beer Festival
Qingdao International Beer Festival is a one-year event that began in 1991. On the second weekend of August, the peak starts in the tourist season and lasts for 16 days. This festival brought representatives of breweries and brasseries from all over the world to this beautiful coastal town and helped Qingdao worldwide to be recognized. The slogan of the festival is "Qingdao, from below in the world".

German Government House
German Government is one of the most impressive and most famous buildings of the German occupation in Qingdao. The building material of the German-style house and the trees bought from Germany were built in the style of a German castle and originally used as prefect of Qingdao Castle.

Shilaoren National Holiday Village
The Shilaoren National Resort on the seaside promenade is a wonderful place to spend the day. There are many entertainment options in the resort. Ocean Park, Dophinarium, International Golf Course, Yizhong Sports Center and International Beer City are located. The main features of the resort include entertainment for the seaside, beer culture and the oceans.

Laoshan Mountains
The 1,133-meter high Laoshan Hill is next to the Yellow Sea, the most famous mountain on the sea. According to legend, Emperor Chin and Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty once went to pray. Visitors to the Laoshan Mountains will enjoy the view of the blue sky, the green trees and the green of the unique rocks. The mineral water of Laoshan Hill is of high quality and sweet taste, Tsingtao beer.

Qingdao and the Olympics
Qingdao holds sailing and beach volleyball events for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center is located in Fushan Bay. The world has the most advanced sailing skills. The area was originally the ship of the North Sea and occupied 45 hectares. Not far from the 4th of May.

Nightlife in Qingdao
Qingdao's famous nightlife. Visitors to the city can enjoy them in the open-air restaurants on Dengzhou Road at night. Another famous snack street on Yunxiao Road. Delicious sea food is famous. The famous Qingdao beer can be drinkable and you can enjoy fresh sea food every day from the ocean. Everyone has something in Qingdao. Since Qingdao was a colonial city, it has many Western features and is one of the pubs. There are jazz and blues clubs, discos, karaoke bars and quiet places to just sit and relax. Due to the Tsingtao brewery and the International Beer Festival, Qingdao residents take their nightlife very seriously.

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