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Call Center Skills – Five Tips for Better Huddles and Meetings

One of the keys to better customer service is to keep the call center agents up-to-date. The best way to do this is group daily gatherings and monthly team meetings. Here are five tips to help make the meeting time more effective:

1) How do you call a call center team from formal meetings?

A group meeting is usually an informal 10-15 minutes meeting just before the shift to the ground. Usually they are kept daily. Or several times a day in multiple switching. Usually they are organized on the floor of the call center. Urgent information is provided to agents such as hot issues of the day, equipment issues, etc.

For comparison, an official team meeting happens once or twice a month. They are organized in a regular event hall and include a predetermined, predetermined timetable. Topics include upcoming product or policy changes and refresher training.

2) What is the recommended place for the teams?

You can keep a team in a big hall or in a meeting room (if you have a seat). However, most customer centers are open on the floor of the call center. Since the huddle is very short – just 10 to 15 minutes long – it makes no sense to book a dedicated negotiator. Just make sure your conversation does not interfere with nearby agents who are on call.

3) How often do you have to have a group meeting? What kind of day should be kept?

Informal worships are usually made daily. The most appropriate time before the meeting to commence a change. For example, everyone who starts at 9:00 on the shift will meet at 8:45. During the clash, Team Manager outlines urgent questions, updates on the day-to-day challenges, and questions about Agent feedback or questions.

4) Who should ensure the topics of group meetings: Managers or agents?

Generally, leaders provide topics for group reunions. The purpose of the clash is to quickly update agents who launch shifts urgently during the day. So the manager usually sets the agenda.

5) These are great tips to run a group gathering. So what are the techniques for effective call center meetings?

There are many activities you can do during an official meeting. Because team meetings are longer than huddles, you can build more interactivity. So you can ask your agents to give feedback. Or do a skill-building activity. Or an interactive team building practice for networking.

Another common method is to focus on a particular product or service and ask your agents to share their best ideas about selling a particular product or service. If you're in a service environment, you can ask your agents to share best practices on how to deal with specific service issues.

By enabling your agents to share, learn from each other, and build their skill levels. This results in higher quality call quality and better customer satisfaction.

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