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Baseball Coaching Digest – Deep Lead in the Outfield Base Running Game

This attacking game is called "Deep Lead in Right Field". The game runs when a team has base runners between Base 1 and Base 3. The game is used to put pressure on the defensive team to try to make a mistake that will allow the runner to move from base 3 to core.

Name: "Deep Outfield Lead at First" or "Skunk in the Outfield" [19659002] Type Play-Offensive

Situation – "1B and 3B Competitors"

Objective- The offending team runs the following game:

first Use the "Security Theft" to steal the second safely, with less chance than to jump out.

2. Make a defensive "mistake" and get the runner from base 3.


The unique thing about this game is where the runner 1B takes over the lead. Runner 1B will lead the field in the lead. Do not mix this game with the typical "cat and mouse" or "throw a lot" game often with attacking teams to get third place. In this game, the 1B headland will be 15 and 20 feet away on "outfield grass", halfway between 1B and 2B. The runner simply turns around and tries to catch this "place" when he takes over. [1] Runner 1 "keeps it in position" until a defender approaches his baseball and within 15 meters. You must ensure that it moves toward 1B or 2B when it moves. Under no circumstances should you step up. One step will reverse the violation of the "baseline" rule.

The "baseline" can not be executed until a runner attempts to avoid the protective label or play. If a runner leaves the base line to avoid the tag or the game played by the defender, he is out. Many people misunderstand this rule. This rule in no way restricts a runner from taking his lead. He can legally lead anywhere. The course of the competitor on the track 1B or 2B determines where the defense starts to play.

If defense does not play in 1B Runner, 2B will start as fast as you can on the next track. He used the game to easily steal the second securely. If the defense plays in the runner, it does not panic, but rather keeps the last minute. The 3B runner will get safe but aggressive driving and reading the defense. If the runner or coach 3B feels that the defender moved from his seat or was too far away from the ball to play at home, the runner 3B will break and try to score.

How to stop it? There are many opportunities for the defensive team to choose when they are faced with this game. You can use either of the following three options:

1. Ignoring the Runner – This is the fastest way to respond. Do not "pick up the bait". The defensive team simply lets the runner 1B do what he wants. Let the running second base be picked up or do anything without playing it. The defense will focus on the dough and forget the runner. The coaches must remember that the jockey can not hold the ball or try to "wait for the runner" because the "20 seconds pitch" rule that gives the thrower a deadline to raise the next track

. Play in the Runner – Protection can be in a situation where you feel you have to play with the 1B runner. The best way to play 1B is to "give up the ball" or quickly throw shortstop or second baseeman. The defender then moves the ball to the runner while keeping his feet and body in a position to go home when the runner 3B breaks. The defender is actually going backwards to the runner 1B. The defender must never drop the ball from the "jumped throwing position" and never remove the eye from the runner 3B. If your teammates need to "talk" with their 1B runner, you have to do this. Good communication between the defenders is key. The defense can also use the right or central fielder as a "tag-man"

. "Huddle or Covey Play" – This way of protecting the game is the most "creative" approach I've ever seen. The short standing of the defensive team, the second basemanja, the first base and its jug are clashing behind the winding, and the middle attacker has a second base and the right center covers the first base, then folds it tightly and the ball is secretly handed over to a selected "label man" , after each player attempts to catch the ball, after the player flies and the ball passes, the basics and the offense do not know who the ball passes to the runner 1B, the second support starts toward the runner 3B and the pot 1B between the runner and the second base, and the "member-man" is the shortstop or the second parent. let the shortstop take the ball and fill the 3B runner.These guards hold both hands in the glove to conceal the ball

Note: This game is a tough game. defense must be done and ready to stand when an opponent tries to play this game. The game is very effective for pressure on young or inexperienced defenders.

Reminder Points:

1. The 1B runner can lead you wherever you want. In this game, lead is placed in a place that prevents pick-up

. This game can be used as a "security theft" so that the base player securely steals base 2 or a game to launch a defensive bug

. The base of 1B is determined by where the defense starts to play. Do not go backwards, but go right in the direction of 2B or 1B in a straight line when the defender is approaching the ball


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