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Volleyball history – when did it begin?

Volleyball is a very popular sport today. There are a number of intramural teams and competitive teams around the world. But when and where did this popular sport begin? The history of volleyball is fascinating, interesting to see the humble beginnings and the changes that have experienced over the years.

The man who invented volleyball named William G Morgan. He was a sportsman for the Young Men's Christian League, also known as YMCA. Originally, YMCA introduced a new sport, which we know today as basketball. Morgan saw the physical touch of basketball tired at older business people who had been involved in the games. He therefore created a new sport with fewer contacts and fewer court moves he called "mint". This game is finally volleyball.

Morgan played in the game with YMCA members about a year before deciding to present to a YMCA Physical Education Director. In 1896, the patterned game was presented to the directors and claimed to change its name to "volleyball" as the game is consistent with the ball over and behind the net. The first formal volleyball game was on July 7, 1896 at Springfield College.

The story of volleyball shows that Morgan's original pattern game was similar to the badminton game. They played in a rectangular yard in the middle of the net. The teams were divided, so there was no contact with the other team – every team came to both sides of the net. Players use their hands to beat the ball back and forth on the net. The ball would continue in the game until it was over and hit the floor. Points can be obtained if the opposition team could not retrieve the ball.

The history of volleyball has continued, the rules have changed slightly and are more and more precisely defined. The YMCA officers have created a rule book containing the size of the court, the ball size and the scoring system. He has always been transformed into a volleyball game known.

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