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Physical Therapy: New Progress in Physical Therapy

The latest advances in spinal decompression in the treatment of cervical and back pain patients in physiotherapy. Improvement of old spindle cutters. The concept is still similar, though we now know better why this treatment works for most patients.

First, it's important to know why the backbone is hurt. Most of the time, human spikes cause pain, because time, gravity and genetics cause conspiracy to make the plates wear out. These changes first cause intermittent pain. If we are lucky, our lives will be overwhelmed by serious, permanent or disabling pains. But many people are not so fortunate.

The most important question is whether there is an effective way to change the natural process of spine aging and to some people with pain and disability? This is in fact too broad a question. This question could be deconstructed on many different questions. A simpler answer to a simpler question

Given the natural history of human spine degeneration, pain and disability, is there any intervention that can obviously improve this problem? "To answer this," Yes. "Now I'm going to be very simple in my explanation, and then I'll make a little bit of it for the professionals to understand, first of all, for the minds because the fact that spikes are hurt, the more time the compression is, the compression rate varies, this process will shrink and hurt. [19659002] The most direct way to handle this problem is to decompress the spine, ie to physically drag the spine, use a sophisticated spine decompression table like me , or try to use a conventional drawing table if very slightly compressed spikes can respond to inversion tables, although this will not suffice if there is a significant problem in the backbone.

Professionals should know: Backbones prove to be some regenerative potential as defined in CT examinations do (microscopic) and radioisotopic studies show an increase in the number of cells on the plate and an increase in the synthesis of the reactive molecules of the decompression-treated plates. The most important fact is that most patients are treated with this way and notice a significant improvement.

There are things that machines can do more effectively than humans. One is that over time loads are applied to deform the tissues. These are biomechanical expressions, which in this case pull the backboard up enough force in sufficient number of times. It is very regrettable that most of the patients treated were not treated, did not offer and did not deal with spinal decompression. And they could have caused pain and disability for months or years. This is a fundamentally rational component of spinal treatment that should be tried by almost every patient. So when the physical therapy treatment in Atlanta, patients with cervical pain and low back pain, I suggest patients and practitioners alike, to consider more about learning and trying, spinal decompression

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