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It is committed to lifelong health and fitness to avoid heart disease

Lifetime fitness is a commitment. This is the idea that keeping the mind and body healthy is more than just a noble idea; calls for firm action, which must be done on a regular basis. It makes conscious decisions that need to be implemented to ensure the goal of the life cycle. Life-long health and fitness is a commitment to changing lifestyles to make a happier and healthier life.

Since the turn of the century, average life expectancy in the United States rose significantly in 1900 from 47 years to 77 years at the turn of the century. While the fastest development of new medical technologies and medicines allows most growth to be accounted for, the lack of a lifelong commitment means that most of these people did not enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Sadly, 33 percent of high school students in the country do not participate in the recommended amount of Lifelong Health and Fitness activities, as explained by the Surgeon General and the Physical Fitness Council Chair. In fitness programs, this lack of activity is often in an adult state, where life-span and fitness programs grow.

According to the National Institute of Foreign Language Lifestyle Survey, only 58 percent of the US population is involved in a lifelong leisure and leisure activity, with only 26 percent having three or more times a week as part of their lifetime fitness program.

So how does life quality and fitness program improve quality of life?

The Disease Control Center lists the first five deaths in the United States.

* Cardiac disorders: 696,947 deaths

* Cancer: 557,271 deaths

* Stroke: 162,672 deaths

* Chronic lower respiratory tract: 124,816 deaths

* Accidents (unintended injuries): 106,742 deaths [19659002] With the exception of accidental deaths, all other leading forms of death could have been avoided or delayed by a lifelong health and fitness program that included physical exercise, healthy diet and smoking.

When a lifelong health and fitness program includes a low-cholesterol diet, the authors can notice a significant decrease in greasy deposits growth. If too many plaques are generated in the contracts, they clog up, reducing the amount of blood and oxygen that flows into the coronary arteries and ultimately leads to heart attacks or stroke.

A healthy life-style fitness program can never contain cigarette consumption. Smoking is related to cancer, chronic respiratory problems and cancer.

In 1986, Japan's Shirechiyo Izumi died in 120 years, at 237 days of age. What is your life-like fitness commitment to Izumi?

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