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Football Freestyle The Netherlands

I've been to Amsterdam and Rotterdam several times in both the center and the small towns. Everywhere you can see football pitches everywhere. Most of them even easier during the night if you want to play 24 hours a day. Compared to the other countries where the culture of football is very different. In most countries, children on the streets are rarely seen on the streets, playing video games at home, watching TV or sitting on computers. In the Netherlands it is very common for parents to send them to play, they play everything. You can see kids in every corner, playing football, juggling or trying out tricks. Every court is likely to play some children.

Netherlands street football is very big, very big! They have a monthly street championship with trophy and money. The football freestyle is also great but far from the level of street football. Street football is also recognized in the streets of the Netherlands. Some street players have gained a reputation for their skills. There is no wealth or anything but the underground scene has given them a reputation. The term "akka" and "panna" is used as a tasting in the Netherlands for at least 9 out of 10. Street conditions for some football movements

Football is also great in the Netherlands. I went to a few games (divisions 1 and 2), always watching a lot of people, sometimes packaged depending on which players are playing. If a team has a famous street football player in the team, they can only be packed. People want the entertainment the individual gives. The skills the guys play are crazy!

There are some players in the Dutch national team that were raised at Holland Street Courts. It would be the most famous Edgar Davids. He comes from the street and still plays a lot. He even built his own yard in Holland, children can play. He is also organizing a street tournament and is at the Monta Street football apparel company.

What I've seen so far is that the Netherlands is the leader of all other countries in street football (I realize that I was not in Brazil, they would probably meet with the Netherlands if they did not beat them.)

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