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Ball in the ball

One of the most important, but least-taught, football capability is the headline art. Over the last few decades, the headline has been thoroughly scrutinized, as some arguments for controversy, early sunset in cerebral disorders, or brain function and development can lead to small children.

Despite being controversial, the title is still an essential part of the game. Headers can lead to winners of the game or save a last second shot to the top corner to keep the 1-0 victory. To play or train a football game, you need to know how to go right or how to properly practice the technique.

There are a number of key factors for correct ball control:

1. Timing: Timing is vital. If you have not learned the correct reproduction of the ball, it is likely that you will not be in the ball at the right time. The ball goes through your head or hits your face.

2nd Technique: Technique is also very important and various techniques need to be used for different headers. Below I describe each technique. Do not forget to defend each type. Bring it, fold her teeth, and prepare the upper body for the connection.

3rd Confidence: The real secret of good development is to trust it. You have to come to the ball, you will not let it reach. Keep an eye on the ball and know exactly where you want to get in touch. Be careful to beat your opponent with the ball.

Lead Techniques

Defensive Headers

Defensive headers usually have the highest performance. It is possible to have a standing position or at the highest point of a jump, so timing is important. The lower half of the ball must be in contact with the upper end of the ball, so when the ball passes the ball, it moves upwards from its goal to the opponent's goal.

Get the best results when the ball is squared. This seems very easy; but in a game the opponent almost always challenges to win the ball. This is where trust plays an important role.

Attacking Title

The offensive headline is usually used and used around the opponent's goal, and can be done either from a standing position or from a jumping motion. Like a defensive header, timing is crucial. Always try to point the ball downward from the goalkeeper above the ball, contacting the upper half of the ball with the top of the forehead and then moving it down with your upper body. You can get better results again if you can meet the ball.


The glance only touches the slightest touch on the ball, only uses part of the head. You do not want to fully comply with the ball as a defensive and offensive header. It's easy to look at just a little touch. The look can be done either from upright position or from loading.

This ability is most often used by attacking players as the goal is accomplished. For example, the right header of a ball should be able to move toward the first column toward the gate, get the ball on its head from a cross and direct the ball to the posterior position. If the ball had to be square in his head when the player ran to the front, he would probably go to the goal.

Flick is

The flick button is designed for quick redirection. This eliminates protection and can cause confusion, hoping that your teammate can score. This is also possible from a standing position or a jump. The idea is that the ball pulls the back of the top of the head and quickly redirects the ball. Do not worry – the ball does not come to fruition and it certainly does not hurt.

Usually, you only use spins in only a few cases; this can be a very powerful tool in stock. You will most likely use attacking free kicks, corners and throws. When attacking midfielders and attackers, the ball is also used when attempting to move the ball to the opponent's goal.

Diver header

As the name suggests, the dancer header is dramatic and is a real crowd. This is primarily an offensive target-scoring technique; but it can be as effective as a defensive game. The ball drifts to the planet and comes into contact with its forehead, either above or below the center of the ball, while it is horizontally in the air. In an attacking game, hit the center line and hit a defensive line below the midline. Like all types of headers, timing is incredibly important.


Like everything else in football, players can only improve with a special skill than in practice. Players should practice practical techniques safely in the practice area and then execute them in a game. Remember: there are more accidents and injuries when people are trying to do something in a gameplay that has never been practiced. Security is always important and players must always be ready for every part of the game.

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