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Stretching exercises for football

Football is a difficult and difficult sport that is injured. There is no way to secure an injured career. However, the condition may reduce the risk of injury and any good work program involves warm-ups and then stretching exercises In this article we will discuss stretching exercises with football that will reduce the chance of injury and improve all athletic performance.

We are stretching exercises on calves, calves, quads and piriformis muscles.

1. Set the length of the arms out of a wall, place your hand on the wall, gently advance to a position where it is comfortable to stretch the calves. Hold the position approx. For 20 seconds, then go a little further with the calves. Do this three times for a full minute or more for each workout.

2nd Let's stand on a staircase, the shoulders width of the legs apart, place their feet on the step, just over the leg ball. Allow the foot to leap down slowly, stretching the Achilles, the center of the calves, and feeling a slight projection at the center of the hams. Do this three times for about a minute each time. To elongate the outer part of the calves, point your feet in the inner legs and turn the legs toward the inner part. This is a very simple and safe way to prolong muscles by using natural body mass.

Hamstring Stretch:
1. Take a standing position and cross your right foot over the left foot. From this situation slowly and gently lift your hands to the floor and head to your right knees. Keep this position for about 10 seconds. Do this several times, then locate your left leg over the right leg and repeat the procedure. This will help loosen the femurs and prepare for the next hamstring stretching exercise.
2. This practice is a little more demanding. Sit on the floor with a leg extending fully, and the other leg rotates with his leg against the inner thigh. Bend your waist, slowly and gently stretch your hand to the leg of your straight leg. Bend as much as possible the position for 10 seconds. Repeat this operation 5 times and then swing the legs.
I use a personal note, I use a chair's backrest, and my right hand is placed on the left foot and vice versa. This is the right back muscles for better stretching.

Quadriceps Stretch:
1. Use a solid, stationary object, such as a chair. Place one hand on the chair for balance. With the other hand to grab the ankle of the opposite leg, pull the leg up to the bottom and extend the four-speed. It is important to stand upright and hold your feet straight. Bending reduces the effectiveness of the exercise. Hold the position for 15 seconds and repeat it 10 times.

2nd Advanced athletes can use the next column transfer technique. Place yourself in your stomach at the edge of the pad. The hanging leg should be folded forward with your knees bent and your feet relaxed. With the towel wrapped around the ankle of the other leg, pull the stand toward the bottom to facilitate the good section. Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat this for 10 times on each leg.

Piriformis Stretch:

Piriformis muscle allows lateral rotation of the hip. Players seeking lateral mobility like backs, buyers, linebackers, practice.

first He was lying on the floor behind his back and crossing the same legs as if he was sitting. Place both hands under the knee underneath it and gently pull your leg to his chest. As you pull it, you feel the tensions and the hips. Hold for 10 seconds each foot about 5 times.

2nd She lay on her back lying on her right leg, letting her ankle hold her knees. Place your left hand behind and below your left knee, your right hand to your right knee. As you drag your left leg toward your chest, push your right knee. Hold this position for approx. For 5 seconds, and this is about five times more.

Post Training Exercise:

This is just as important as warming, stretching and training. Once you have everything, you need to cool down and finish off after a training session. This keeps blood flow to the muscles and helps to heal diarrhea or minor injuries and removes lactic acid from the muscles, reducing the chance of muscle pain.

In summary, the training program is provided with the most advantageous and most advantageous programs. This increases speed, athletic performance and helps reduce the chance of injury. In order to give you the opportunity to perform your performance as best as possible, to provide a better balance, speed and speed, each deployment program must include focus on the main muscles. There are core muscle training DVDs.

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