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Fun with Ultimate Frisbee

There were few US WWII pilots who in 1948 set up the plastic plate that was named "flying saucer" in 1948, and their new play has become the center of very popular sports. Alison Gresik knew little when her husband pulled into the sport six years ago when her team wanted more women to become the favorite groom for Frisbee's most loved one. Other experienced players would have warned. Nick Roberts, managing director of the Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association (OCUA), was a sports fan when he was younger. Today is the ultimate "best teamwork I have ever played".

"This is cheap, which seems attractive to me: this is a unusual sport in the team and this is very physically demanding." Ottawa boasts the largest in the summer final Frisbee tournament in the world, according to OCUA. Non-contact, coed teamwork that can be played in any age of any age can attract up to 5,000 entrants to register in the summer when Frisbees is thrown out of the open field around the city and nearly a thousand of them continue the other three seasons.

Some New Jersey high school kids have developed their fast-moving sport, the so-called "ultimate sport life", up until the late 1968s. The ultimate most important part of the game is known as the "game spirit" that describes respect for players. A game that does not use referees relies on the ultimate in trust and conflict-free solutions.

More than 300 coed teams of women and young people (eight and 16 years old) form the Ottawa Summer Championship, which runs from May to August at every level from start to finish. In the autumn, riders can join the racing and recreational team teams from September until September and early November. In winter, in mid-March, an indoor championship takes over.

OCU opened the world's first exclusive ultimate park in Manotick in August 1999.

President of the company, Marc Gobeil, is another player who admits that he "killed" the sport in the first season years ago.

"I was waiting for the next game curiously all week, with butterflies … but that was not something because it was just as fun as a waving plastic. Gresik, who plays in the summer tournament in" The Hammers " In the winter he held himself in the coaching recreational development championship, he also admitted that he was not a lot of athletes when he took the sport.

"Our coach educates us on the strategy and helps us improve toss, cut and defense, this vicious workout , but it encourages me to keep up my weight lifting and aerobic activity.

Over time, Gresik becomes more confident, learns where to run, how to dog your opponents, and how to throw it beautifully.

"Nothing resembles that line along the line and reaches the point in the final zone disc "

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