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Fitness coaches – How to build a winning team

Here are some tips and techniques that we used to create a winning little league team nearly twenty years ago. Instead of the articles I thought I just told you how we did it.

I really respect small-league coaches. I was once. For kids, how to play baseball is difficult. As a plus coach, you need to be a teacher rather than a teacher. All these meetings, timers and fields are scheduled for rainfall again. Then, after all this, the championship decided to give only one referee for each game. So my job as a coach was that I talked to one of the fathers for the basics' judgment

. But all this is a small league training area. The good thing is that kids do not have many years of experience in creating bad habits. I helped train my son Junior Legion. These children were 14, 15 and 16 years old. Many have done bad things for so long that it was very difficult to change them. At least small campers have a blank chalkboard, so.

I remember my son's first little league experience. The head teacher asked me to have an assistant I was more than happy. John was a great guy and he loved the kids. His son was at the team, and as a father, he wanted to be the coach. The only problem was that John had no baseball experience as a player.

In the first practice of the season, the children were put on the refugees and told them they did not care while the kids were having fun.

I was there to wonder if the loss was amusing. Well, I guess what. This year we did not win a single game. Okay, I know this little league and kids are there to learn the game. But they did not learn much. In fact, we have become a joke for the championship. Every team knew that victory came when they played us.

We had two teams in our town. The other team won almost every game and they were champion champions. Each time they win, their coach after the game took over the whole team from the ice cream. Our kids wanted to know when ice cream was making. John trained them to win ice cream if they win.

But if no one knows how to reach, throw away, hold down or steer the bases, all the promises of all the ice-cream in the world are not

Next year John and his son rose to the next level of the little league. Now I was a tutor. Most children were in the previous season, with some new ones. The first thing I did was sit on the kids for the refugees and tell them why we are here for one reason. And that was the fun. But I told them the way of fun was victory. And as you win, you are learning the correct way to do things in the field.

We'll have two hours for two hours on the go. And it was exactly two hours. We started all the practice with all the kids on the flying balls. Everyone did this. My assistant hit the balls and showed them the right way to catch a flying ball and pick up an outer ground ground. I also went through the right way to grab and throw the ball out of the field. We did this for 15 minutes. Then we all moved them off the ground.

Place their pairs on the third base and half short. We also had two first baseman, which was just fine. My coach and I hit the ground balls and showed them the right way to place the ball and throw the first base. This was valuable for these kids because, as they went from small tournaments, they were ready to play in multiple places. We did this 15 minutes.

I just want to add that we had 4 kids who wanted to be laughable. Actually, we were 12 who wanted to be on the pitch, but I ran out very quickly. My son Luke was one of those. I asked her four parents to be able to practice them in practice 15 minutes before we could get pitching mechanics. They were welcomed. In the middle of the season, Luke and Bobby became the best pitchers. Because they really made a strike. In fact, I asked the cousin who was the pitching coach if she was to help. He taught them both how to ease a change. Now imagine this. We had two nine-year-old kennels who could take strikes and they were in second place! They were practically inconceivable.

After the boarding practice we went on. We taught them the right way to hurt her. I told them that when he punched, he did not puncture the ball. Hold the ball with the beat. I mentioned the nails and I did not engage the ball in the jug but we were just interested in the balloons. Again here, for 15 minutes.

Next came the situation. I placed a kid in each place and the rest became my base. He would have hit the ball and the child would run. My fieldmasters would react to the ball and try to do the game. I told them I was not interested in spectacular efforts, but I expected them to do the routine. I would remind the outbound sites to take a "random jump" before they rolled. During drilling we worked with cuts and relays. After a few minutes we would change runners and mowing and continue the drill. The kids liked it so much that we devoted 30 minutes.

It left 45 minutes of practice. I always thought when I was playing, so I felt particularly good. It got the last 45 minutes. We did not just throw them into baseballs, we actually taught them the proper way to hit a baseball. I talked to them about the balance and came back. Every little kid had his own bat, so they all robbed a bat and got up on the ground. Let's start with their point. I did not care to stand as long as balanced. Some of them needed some modification, but I just wanted to keep it. Then we'll do everything we call loading. I would cheat on their first knees or leap down a bit. I just wanted to get the feeling of things.

Then we're all going to move on. Here I explained that the move was greater than an access. They complain that they have moved forward without moving their heads forward. This so-called stays back. Some of the children were hard at first, but caught.

Then we would all have been rushed. I taught them a rotating punch, though they did not know it. All I wanted to know was how to get to the ball. Balance and retention gave them the best chance.

Practically done good practice that I would raise with myself. In our league, nine children played defensively, but everyone had to find it. They were all in the bush. I told them that those who find the best will find it at the top of the order. But if they come home and practice what they have taught, they will improve and rearrange them in the order. Now you may think that this instruction would be disruptive for the kids, but it was tapped like a dry sponge! I never saw kids play so much fun with baseballs. They came to practice early because they could not wait.

There were two divisions in the championship and we played two-game games at mid-season. Coaches of teams in each division would organize all star teams. My kids had a mile in the first place, so I've done so far so far. At the end of the season we lost only one game all year round. And that's pretty much the same team that lost all the games in the previous year. Coaches and parents of the other teams of the championship wondered that our team had become ridiculous, the leader of the championship.

Three of the best of the championship championships were played and the first two were shared. The score was tied in the third game and the other team ran in seconds and two hands at the bottom of the last game. We have thrown a flying ball into our normally trusted center and the other team won. But what a season it was. The children reached their goal to win and learn a lot. The parents all said what a fantastic time they were and how they appreciated what their kids learned. Most of my team played in this team, called the Travel Teams, the High School and the American Legion, and some even played a university ball.

is a glove with a roll of sticky slippers in it. Oh, and by the way, I spent luck doing ice cream that year.

The reason for all this is that I realized that most small championship coaches are benevolent dads who just want to help. However, the malignant teaching of the child can ruin it from the start or at least hinder him greatly when he is in a small tournament.

If you're in this category, do the homework first. Get tutorials and get to know basic fundamentals. It's not rocket science. There is simply a right and wrong way. And please do not tell a kid I do not care if you win or lose. If you do not want to emphasize the victory, do not forget the loss.

The first season when John coach told them they did not care if we catch the kids' brain and did not win. The following year I told them that victory was a fun part of the game and they responded.

Teach a young player the right way mentally and physically and will do it. Be entertaining and responding. Let her have an incentive with ice cream and she will practice it himself.

This team played for me almost twenty years ago. They are still one of those kids or parents, and we're talking about how much fun and how we got it. Man, what a season it was.

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