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Explosive turnaround for football players

In order to change the course rapidly and explosively, the footballer must learn how to properly, effectively and safely adjust. The most dangerous football in the field is not always the fastest, but one that can set the fastest and then explode in a new direction.

To accomplish this success, several things need to be considered and done. In order for a football player to stop quickly when a player approaches the place where they need to be, they want to take smaller steps and start to sting. This effectively reduces their center of gravity. By reducing their focus, this allows them to stop (stop, pause or slow down) quickly explode in a new direction.

To be able to stop effectively, however, a footballer must enter the stalled position rather than with two legs. When they stop, their feet must be advanced and must be in a sporty phase. (Athletic stance with legs around the shoulder width). You want to leave your head slightly out of the ground (let a piece of paper travel between the heel and the ground) and balance the front of your legs, which may explode in a new direction. One important aspect is not to let your knees fly or toe them. This puts too much emphasis on your knees. Football players have a greater knee injury than other sports because they are constantly cutting and changing the course. Learning the right mechanics of direction change helps to alleviate the chances of serious knee injuries.

The best way for a footballer to check whether they are in a decent state of deceleration or athletic states once they stop, stand upright and high, their toes up, side. Put it on your knees. One knee should be right in the middle of the other leg. If it is switched off, it needs to be repaired to be correct, then hold the toes where they are, back to back, turn forward, then bend to their knees and put them in the hip …. putting them back in a proper deceleration position.

To sum up, when a footballer is approaching to stop, take small steps, lean on his knees, lean his hip and stop falling into a sporty position (slowing position) from their leg.

If a footballer is working on this effective and safe stopping technique and then working on the next explosive first step in a new direction, they become dangerous players in football.

Soccer coaches should strive to incorporate this reversing technique into as many functional training as possible. If footballers change the direction quickly and vigorously, they will give them more time and space with the ball, making them more creative and dangerous on the football pitch!

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