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Yoga therapy to improve the three-point situation!

Yoga has always been known to improve athletes' performance. Football players still want to stay at the top of the game. Yoga therapy can improve the three-point approach that is especially important for all players, especially attacking liners, more specifically the Center.

These three simple yoga therapies tips can help improve the performance of the game. Yoga benefits include better concentration, agility, strength and stamina in the muscles, but yoga is also a yoga therapy. Yoga therapy is an old technique that has had a therapeutic approach and intent for millennia.

Many Yoga Therapy gurus have different definitions – one of my favorites is the simplest and most complex yoga therapy to apply yoga to the needs of people whose special or persistent health problems are generally not in a classroom. " – Larry Payne, Ph.D.

In this case, "people" are football players. Since the age of 18, I have witnessed the rebellion of the human body in the field of professional football in the San Diego Chargers since I was 18 years old. Now as a yoga therapist, I can see that the techniques I have used to repair and build the ailing physical body can actually improve the performance of these athletes.

We hear that many players in the season are injured in reserve or otherwise can not play in any game. In the 2011 NFL Prison, a San Diego Charger, Antonio Gates, placed the physically unable list (PUP List) on plantar faciitis (though recently removed). This could have completely prevented you from having a good yoga therapeutic approach to playing over 60 percent of the game time, giving you enough time to win the game.

In this article you will find three simple Yoga Therapy posts that can improve the three-point stance. Yoga therapy may also be a preventive measure for any injury caused by a sport involving the legs, legs and torso.

The first tip gives you your lower leg and leg in the morning before getting out of bed. This is important because while lying in bed, the calves, the Achilles tendon, and the connective tissue at the bottom of the foot shorten. It's very easy to just pull your toes around your nose and hold for 10 seconds, then push your toes away from you and hold it for ten seconds. Repeat this operation ten times. Voila, healthy feet!

Second, you want a loose hip flexor. The hip flexor muscle is located at the front of the hip. Navasana (Boat Pose) is very good at strengthening the Iliopsoa because it claims that muscle is isometrically bound. Sit down on the floor and stretch straight ahead of your feet. Rest your hands on your side. Exhale, lean slightly back and lift your feet from the floor at about 60 degrees. Ideally, your feet are higher than your head. Your weight should only be rested on your bottom – not in any part of the spine. Use your hand until you need support until you have enough strength to use your foot without hands.

Finally, the Garland pose (Malasana) is as close to your feet as possible. (If necessary, use a carpet). Exhalation, deposition of middle toe and comfortably fit between the thighs; Press your elbows against your knees, with your palm.

These positions improve their three-point position and help defeat the defender from the ball. Specifically, yoga therapy for footballers is easy and can be used to prevent injuries. When yoga is used in interviews to keep muscles, body fat and fluid, footballers will be much more agile, faster and more flexible, held longer, and made faster. This is a great thing for my fillers – my chosen team.

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