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UCLA – Pac-10 season preview

In the college football season, UCLA would have been the fifth placed in the Pac-10. But the bruins just handed a 16-point lead to the weak Washington Huskies and fell to a final 29-19. However, I have to insist on my weapons and keep UCLA for the Pac fifth placed team.

I considered UCLA before the season, I knew that there would not be legitimate challanges for the teams of the upper thresholds. But I thought QB Ben Olson would be the focus of the Bruins shot. Olson was once one of the most widespread middle-aged students, but he chose to go BYU before leaving Mormon's mission. And she is not a spring chicken. Olson is 23 years old and is still legible for three years, and he will firmly keep this oath.

Olson has a gun. RB Chris Markey, who has an average of 7.3 meters in the season. Markey came to UCLA from New Orleans and was a high school clerk; Bruins, the withdrawal of the state to take on a CoR, embraces their rival rivals. UCLA also has another state citizen who is now head of WR Junior Taylor who is kneeling last season.

Taylor is now a prominent part of the crime after knocking his knees against Oklahoma last season and joins former WS Servite HS WR Matt Willis, who had another in the previous year. Ben Olson likes to choose many WRs, and this season was no exception; in the early stages, spreads the ball at a lake.

But the biggest concern for UCLA is that they are conservative in terms of the crime. It certainly went to Washington when Justin Medlock was trapped in the four raids. Though you're fond of a kicker who can set up field goals to win a game, you can not make it three times each time you go to the red zone. To win is the occasional touch that the Bruins could not do.

And this is a mistake for me, Karl Dorrell's coach. Dorrell is a decent trainer, but I have never seen the fire in his eyes, this murderous instinct. I honestly believe that she does a lot of things that will hold back this program. I do not see him climbing on the couch and picking up the hard sell. And I'm sure I do not see the knife bolting against a team when he got the ropes. This happened to Washington and what could happen this time.

Bruins has to win four more times to get to the bowl right. I'm not sure I can see that this happens as a reminder of the season as their schedule is tough. Right now Dorrell wants his team to find a way to jump over Huskies.

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