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The value of sport

Sports is a great tool for all of us. These include a number of outdoor games and board games. Especially outdoor games such as hockey, football and cricket etc. An exciting form of training that helps maintain good posture and good health.

The essential utility of toys is undoubtedly helping to preserve our body, beautiful and healthy. This applies to all of us. All children, such as fine and fragile body frames, should be encouraged and, if necessary, forced to play games. This will help them at least breathe the fresh air if they are encouraged to practice or play in the free area. Such sports build the child's muscles and create a healthy and attractive body. Smaller diseases such as cough, headache, and headache are far from athletes. Sports provide a systematic and regular exercise in a pleasurable way, and enjoy the proper physical exercise. Children with poor health should take part in sports as this will ensure good health and improve body building.

Sport also plays an important role in disciplining players. Athletes must always act on the spot in accordance with the rules of the game, with disciplined standards of play. This person works in accordance with the rules and rules, regardless of whether you are at home, in the game area, or in your office. Thus, the rules work in all areas of athlete's life is easier and more comfortable. You will learn to work according to the schedule of all the work you have in your hand, as it always strives for obedience to full-fledged work.

Another important value for an athlete is the feeling of team spirit, which is indispensable at the same time for success in later life. They learn to place and set up all other people, even the opposite temperament can be, because without team setup they can not produce a single front against the opponent so they can never win a game. The athlete knows how to deal with people who are very excited because he knew that adjusting with each member of the team is absolutely necessary and the key to every success. By learning this great attitude, the athlete is on the list of compulsive adults. He has learned the great art to work with others to work with people who can be very disgusting to each individual but can not afford to give members of his team a praise because he knows that success is never a man's performance, is a group effort, so the group should be kept in humor if the job is to be done successfully and graciously.

An athlete in the playing field also expresses the feeling of selflessness and the feeling of a human being. You will learn that no matter what your position in the game, you often have to sacrifice to your other players. You must remember that if the game is to be won, each player must help and co-operate, the player is not large or small. Victory, if achieved, is a belief that every player must share equally. No matter what the only player's performance is, the win must be attributed to the team and not to the player. It teaches each person in the field, sharing art either by name and reputation, credit, and esteem.

Another great feature of the athlete is imbibe in his acceptance of smiling the mistakes and disadvantages of other players in the team. Rather than fighting or misusing a player for a mistake he or she would have done, the athlete accepts the mistakes of others and forgives them all because he understands and justifies his own mistakes. This makes the athlete very receptive and attentive.

One of the greatest attributes of athletes is the quality of athlete's spirit. You will learn how to win gracefully and lose with cheering. You will learn the hardness of any game (even life) so that once you want to play, you have a 50% chance of winning and of course 50% of the loss. So you are always ready to face the difficulties of losing gaming. Never proud of the win and do not feel disappointed after the loss of the game. This is because once you win, you may be the loser the next time, and if you lose this time, you can win the next. He learns to be athlete that victory and loss are never a permanent feature for anyone and therefore keeps the balance of behavior in every situation. This understanding of the spirit of the game is a bit different from the athlete. For man, as we are all, we can be proud of our victory and ashamed of our defeat, but this is quite different in an athlete, as he learns the rules of the game, that we have no reason to be ashamed, the situations will change for everyone. She realizes that victory and defeat are the two sides of the same medals.

So we can conclude that sport is a vital feature of life. Sport builds up to some extent physically, mentally and even spiritually as we learn how to make the same progress in profit and loss. We are able to face the world's attacks if we are a good athlete because we have all the components of successful and happy individuals. At the beginning, the head and the heart have so many excellent attributes that when they are devoted to out-of-play action, we have achieved a much greater score than those who did not know how to reach a higher level of human existence and are still continuing to have people weaknesses. These weaknesses were also made available by athletes, but when entering the sports field, we had to lower our emotions and emotions.

We praise a lot in sports, but that does not mean that sports have no disadvantages. We have often seen that children who are seriously interested in sport are silent about their studies, and even the other subjects of the school or dormitories. This means that they become a unique personality, as opposed to doubled personalities.

After studying sports values ​​when they think sport is to be encouraged, they teach us such good qualities that other art can not implant into us.

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