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Karate training violent?

Karate is a violent sport?

A quick answer: No, karate practice is not violent. To answer this question, you must understand clearly and completely what violence is.

Violence is not simply a persecution. According to the World Health Organization, violence is as follows: "Intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actually with itself, another person, or a group or community that is likely to cause or result in injury, death, psychological damage , backwardness or deprivation … involves physical, sexual and psychological abuses (such as misuse of dependencies, threats, intimidation, and negligence). "

Confusion as we strike two people in the sparring match and we automatically believe it is violent. Is it violent if you have basket or minor injuries after a sparring match? There is a predetermined tolerance for the pain that both people are ready to accept before the game. This threshold is known to the individual, but in some way communicated with his partner. Over time, this threshold increases.

I think violence comes from your intent. Do you intend to abuse this person, or point points, and work on skills and strategies? If you see that your sparring partner is injured, will he continue to hit him, or will you react with respect and go back? The problem sometimes occurs when adrenaline changes your state of mind, and now your intent also changes, so it causes pain. Here comes the lesson of management.

In the contest, the center will discuss the referendum with this decision. He will stop fighting if he sees that a competitor can no longer defend himself. The referee must know the person's threshold and read the signs from that person if he wants to continue the fight or quit. If there are no such rules, it is no longer sport or discipline, it is a fight, a street fight.

Karate provides protection for yourself and / or your family. We teach respect, direction, partnership and courtesy. Karatekas (karate practitioners) controlled their strength based on the capacity of their partners. This is considered by our partner as a mutual respect and is important in the dojo. Violence occurs when a person intentionally hurt another person who is not prepared or strikes without the consent of the other person. If adrenaline is high, control levels are low and intentions change. At this moment a real karateka shines and shows its own direction. There are injuries in any sport, but there are statistically fewer injuries in martial arts than any other sport. This is not to stop other sports; it is simply the nature of sport. Serious injuries, such as concussion and brain injuries, usually occur accidentally, eg. Head-to-head collisions, falls that a ball sticks. I can not guarantee all martial arts, but the nature of karate style and teaching, to prevent accidents. We are actually training in this type of contact sports and we learn how to prepare ourselves to block strikes and check the power of the attacks.

In the bottom line, karate is taught in a safe and interesting way that does not support violence.

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