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Center of Gravity Golf and the Senior Golfer

Gravity Golf Center in Hawaii this season with an open golf clinic and private lessons for 1000 golfers a week. One thing that stands out before the audience is the average age of the participants. Although a significant number of baby boomers, new immigrants and some young people are in the mix, most of the participants are "Senior Golfers". If you're 50, you're a "high-ranking golfer", but I've had private lessons since the '91s with golfers! In the bottom line, regardless of your age, you can still try to improve your golf course and proof is in the bookings. Major golfers usually get to me after I visit one of my open clinics and I explained that the Center of Gravity Golf will help them better enjoy the game by creating the consistency of the game and learning how to regain their lost distance. Let's face it all golfers are more comfortable and the ball touches a bit longer, the older people do not differ.

It's a great pleasure to get golf balls by air and keep track of flying to the destination, the first thing you always head the ball on the right track, then talk about the distance. The Gravity Golf Center teaches us that golf swing is a simple geometry and learn to control that geometry is the secret of consistent ball flying. First, the goalkeeper (with the glove) is the BOSS of the golf club and always under the golf club under the golf club. If you control the goal in the golf club, you will be directly at your center of gravity at the bottom of your swing (use the shirt button as the reference point). This provides the right, even ball position and you can now create the gravitational triangle. This consistency triangle from its center of gravity (shirt button) to the toe tips (where the bunions grow) and to the golf ball. This triangle is "secret" that consistent balls collide and improve club head speed with balance … no effort. In my classes I never talked about club head speed; I think it only encourages players to "try harder", causing unnecessary movement of the triangle and right-sided results (fat captures). The club's head speed is a by-product of the balance of the triangle.

I've proven thousands of times that you stabilize the triangle and your center of gravity is comfortable, club head by default moves faster ball flight and greater distance with less effort. If you really want to get your distance back, now that your triangle is stable, learn your pumice. (Release the club head). Golf balls are designed to fly; these are the most suitable for all golf equipment. Everything in golf is in the golf ball; your mission is to correct it. If most golf clubs send the same distance to the ball … you do not use the power of the golf ball. In order for a golf ball to fly, you should squeeze against the club head during swing. The compression motion of the target by hand-forearm rotation (with gloves) with the ball at the bottom of the swing. Over the years, the movement (by wrist joining) (supination & pronation) etc. They were called. I call you fucking your piston, the simple rotation of your left forearm is swing … that's what releases your club head. This is the compression that compresses the golf ball and flies. (light power) With older customers I get an average distance of 25 meters with this move and only 50 yards up the ball when a student learns to use the golf force ball instead of forcefully and forcefully forced ball.

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