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All time is the top 5 NBA headquarters

Probably the most important position in basketball: The center. He's the anchors of the troops and the executive in the paint. So here are my five most important centers:

5) Moses Malone – It's simply the most offensive return ever to land. It was as if someone had hit a beast on the ground. After getting in the paint, that was it. It was all over.

4) Hakeem Olajuwon – Walking work was phenomenal. His touch was intact. She was agile as a gazelle. It has brought a new dimension to the never-before-seen position. He showed me that the bugs are not the only ones who can bring some artist to the basketball game.

3) Bill Russell – What can you say to someone who has 11 championship rings. You can say that no other player will be close to achieving something like this. He is the only one who has ever loved the best of Wilt Chamberlain. I say a lot.

2) Kareem Abdul Jabbar – There was never such an offensive weapon as the sky. It can not be defended. If you are in the block while in the air you will receive the goaltending service. If you try to disable your right hand, you may have to make a mistake. The only hope was that there was a game that did not happen too often.

1) Wilt Chamberlain – 100 points for a game. I still have to say. In a day and age, when most of the eternity teams have difficulty with 100 points, this guy did everything. His numbers per game are crazy! He was one of the men.

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