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# 52 Minnesota Golden Gophers Preview

There are spring exercises in his books and autumn camps will be here before they know it's an early leap in the 2006 NCAA football season. Knowing the teams now saves time in August, and Matt Fargo is here to help you understand what we can expect next year. From the worst to the first in 2006 College Football Preview.

# 52 – Minnesota Golden Gophers 7-5 SU; 7-5 ATS

Fargo's Take One of the best rushing teams in the country can become a very average rushing team. Minnesota has averaged at least 200 ypg on the ground over the past five years, including at least 257 ypg over the past three years, but this is a season change. Laurence Maroney plays in the NFL, the fourth in the back four years to blur 1000 meters. The fourth is the list, Gary Russell, who rushed 1.110 meters last year as a backup, but is not eligible for academic support, so Gophers hurt. It will be at the center of the crossing game, but the defense must start taking things as it has increased the points allowed over the past three seasons. Minnesota has moved all over the past four seasons and is doing its best to recover it in 2006.

Returns to the Attacks – 6 The Backhand is Hard to Overcome, but the Attack Line There are many successes to this success and Greg Eslinger's four-year starting center is huge. The two starters of the line will not return, as Matt Speath, one of the best closures narrows in the country, so if Amir Pinnix can be another Gopher threat, things can be good again. Bryan Cupito will be the third in the third season, and since he has been improving in the past two years, he could have been a great year. Last year, 59 percent completed the 47 percent ending of last year's ending in 2004. In the past two seasons he has only dropped 16 intercepts. The top three buyers are back, and if the line is approaching the three small bags last year, the crime can succeed again.

Returning to Defense – 6 This is the ball page defining Minnesota's post-season fate. The defense was unbeaten 29 ppg last year, at 80th place in the country while the overall defeat was in the 90th place in the nation. There were more than 34 ppg in the Big Ten action and five teams had at least 35 points. The Gopher have had at least seven launchers in the past four years, but only six years have returned this season, where many young people got mixed up there. The line of defense is extremely young and is only one inexperienced and is second-year. In the season, up to three supermoderns or championships are expected to be in the starting slots, so only limited veterans will take defense and improve in all areas. It's easier than doing it.

Scheduling Schedule is extremely difficult, but this is not a new game in Big Ten. Non-conference jigsaw game is a joke as always against Kent St., Temple, and North Dakota St.. Gopher has to travel to California for the second game of the season, but this is the only challenge for the conference. Big Ten's palace is in the usual way difficult with four losable road games in Purdue, Wisconsin, Ohio St. and Michigan St.. The only safe home match against Indiana, which is an upgraded team and can not be accepted by itself. The other three games are against Michigan, Penn St. and Iowa. This means that seven are probable or at least unprofitable, so some confusion is needed for the Gophers to go to bowling. Illinois is out of the schedule, a bad break.

Can be accepted … Minnesota has to leave meters as the rushing yard for the first time since 2000, as Cupito will have to acquire the crime and flourish. You can definitely do it, but it's defensive to be able to stop some points you did not have in the past season. Gophers 0-4 ATS over the past four seasons as a home underdog and will be there when Michigan moves into town at Big Ten's home opening. Even worse, last year's Gophers gave the Wolverines 3-point home loss, so Michigan will come back and earn some return. It was the first win in Minnesota in 16 years and it could be the last one to another 16.

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