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2006 Notre Dame season forecasts

What is the major role playing coaching in college football? Just ask Notre Dame Fighting Irish who last year found Charlie Weiss the crime that had not existed for years. Bradley Quinn, head of Heisman last year, in the middle and in the 9-3 season of 2005, could not have higher expectations in South Bend. Voters and odd decision makers seem to agree that Notre Dame is in a good position to raise the trophy of the national championship again, but despite their talent, it will be difficult for them to have a large-scale conference team like Ohio State or Oklahoma. However, the fact that we are independent is a great chance for them to win the title this season.

Although I play hard schedules, they often play against their opponents when the Notre Dame game is not as important as a conference rival game. They say things can be slightly different this season as the Irish men fighting for the abovementioned Quinn responsibility and the outstanding broadband receiver Joe Samardzija who did not accept the record of Notre Dame with 77 bets last season and set new signals with hands 249 and 15.

I also write four unloaded canvas, including all important centers, John Sullivan and big left Ryan Harrist. The overwhelming majority of the O line with the tact is even more important than the success that this team in 06 returns to any big name. One player who has forgotten, but can prove to be an important tool if the defenders hide the double coverage of Samardzija, Rhema McKnight was the Irish lead player between 03 and 04 before he lost most of the previous season's injury.

Despite being a returning 9 defender, "D" can be just the Notre Dame Achilles hub, which keeps them from a national championship. The "biggest" problem last season was that he was inclined to dispose of large pieces. You do not have to look too far to remember that Ohio State Buckeyes have played 56, 68, 85, and 60 yard games in the Fiesta Bowl. Weis and his associates are likely to find substitutes for Corey Mays and Brandon Hoyte, as only a year ago they could not do the job.

Defensive strategy will be forced to put more pressure on Abiamiri's opponents who stand out last season. We will know what this defense is at an early stage, as Big State Power and Michigan will be tested on weeks 2 and 3 after opening Georgia Tech. The good news is that Penn State and Michigan have to come to South Bend. The bad news is that all 10 big teams are likely to attack, because the Irish are not ready at the beginning of the season.

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