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ITIL V3 Intermediate Qualification – Test Guidelines

ITIL V3 Intermediate Courses and Certification Exams have been launched in most countries. The exam requires the candidate to answer eight (8) multiple choice questions. Sounds good, but NOT. The questions are scenarios-based. Read the text page to understand the script and then read the four possible answers, all of which are in one text.

Questions are gradients. Gradient marking means that each question has 4 possible answers, one of which is 5 points (best answer), which is 3 points (second best), 1 value (not very good) and which is a withdrawal and not a detected. To pass, you have to earn at least 28 points, so you can not afford to lose more than 12 points. This means that at least four questions should choose the best answer for you to have a good chance.

Here are my personal experiences and tips.

Tip 1: The essence of time

After answering 8 questions within 90 minutes, it's about 11 minutes to ask. A lot to read – 1 page scenario and 4 possible answers (paragraph 1 in reply). Do not spend too much time on a single question, especially the first one. If you feel you are struggling with a particular question, you should come back later and later if you have time in the end. You may pass the exam even if you answered the remaining 7 questions correctly.

Tip 2: Describe the obvious blunt responses and focus your time on the best 2 responses.

It will be a breaker response and it is often easy to choose this at first glance. I also used an elimination process to further narrow the answers to the final 2 or the final.

Tip 3: The best and second best answer may be to read the question over and over again.

Every nomination counts! The best and the next best 2 points for completing or failing to complete the exam. Spend time analyzing questions and answers after narrowing the answers to the final 2. Underline the keywords and "answer" the answer with a + and – sequence as if evaluating your own work. Often, finding the best answer is the only plus and no less, leading to the next Tip.

Tip 4: General or Specific Answers – Read the question and understand how the question is being tested.

Sometimes the general answer with the most appropriate ITIL statements seems to be the most appropriate, but if the question is "your recommendation," what concrete steps you would need, then the general answer is not the best answer. You need to look for the Response, which is more specifically related to case studies or scenarios.

Tip 5: Sign in to a certified, licensed ITIL training center. Prepare by Using Available Test Exams

Study the materials and take full advantage of classroom sessions to understand ITIL concepts and their application. As this is a case study and script-based study, smooth memory work is not enough. A good ITIL training center needs to give you tips and exercises to prepare your certification exam well.

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