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5 The benefits of regular horsepower training

Horse racing training, what is it? The horse's status is the beginning or the state of martial arts, which is found in almost every martial art style and is thousands of years old. This creates a solid foundation in which all other martial arts techniques can be built.

Advanced martial artists "start" and hold the position as long as you can. Beginners generally find that their feet begin to burn and the muscles stop working in a few seconds. That is why many teachers suggest that students practice this position for fifteen minutes, with the hope that they will have a good horsepower in two years.

The horse's position is performed by having its legs approximately twice as wide as the shoulder width. Then the knees bent. Some styles kneel on their knees until the thighs are parallel to the floor while the others bend to their knees until they see their pink fingers as they look to their feet. Regardless of the legs wide and the knees bent.

Benefit 1 – Better Balance

Regular horse racing allows you to develop a strong base, and your leg is really wide. Then, when someone presses you, instead of taking a small step, you lose your balance and fall off, make a big step and stay on your feet. [19645002] 2nd Profit – Lower Mean Value

In addition to balance, regular training helps a student to have a lower center of gravity. This is called "variable levels". Many martial arts styles use release and throwing techniques to overcome an opponent. In a well-exercised equestrian position, the student finds that their center of gravity is beautiful and low, and it is much harder for their opponent to knock them on the ground.

Benefit 3 – Strong Legs for kicking

Another advantage of regular exercise is the strength that develops in the legs. Later, they learn the kicking techniques of a student training. Regular horse racing has given them a stronger boost. Most students found horses to be very boring and boring. In order to spice things up, blocking and punching drills practice standing in a horse. For each blow or block, students give a spiritual cry, which is known as kiai. This shout helps the student to breathe that provides the oxygen needed for the muscles to function. It helps the student to learn inflexible but well-rooted and is the beginner teacher of yin and yang. Benefit # 5 – Energy, Consciousness, Health

Students are taught to perform "rocky skies" while riding a horse. Rock climbing is a breathing and strengthening exercise that increases chi. Who is universal energy. By increasing chili students, mental awareness and health improve.

The great kung fu, karate or jujutsu begins with the horse's position. This is a gateway rite. There are many other benefits to regular training, but you can only learn them when you start teaching today. Find an experienced teacher if you have not yet experienced this long-lasting experience.

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