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10 great activities for autistic children

Sometimes we can try to create activities for autistic children that can be entertaining, educational, and cost-free. So, it is reassuring to know that there are many possibilities, only finding things that awaken the child's personal taste. The following examples relate to popular activities among autistic children aged 7 and 11.

Indoor Activities: Autistic children have many benefits from singing. Children who are not verbal, can rattle, sound voices, or play instruments such as whistles, tambourines, drums, kazoos, or small keyboards. Repetition of sounds, making new melodies, or teaching texts can be very useful for making children fit for learning and they may need a sensory stimulation for them – just like yelling, only the parent's ear will be delighted! Successive annotations and melodies imitation can be an important social experience that encourages interaction. Experiment with different sounds and different types of music to find the ones your child is enjoying and responding the most. Making and imitating funny sounds can be a ridiculous social learning experience for autistic children and their parents. Children can enjoy sensory and repetitive elements of the game. You can try to write several different animals or objects on different pieces of paper, and depending on which one you choose, you should make the right sound.

– Castles for fun. The "blocks" type of building depends on the child's motor skills. Plastic or wood from alphabet blocks to large "Lego" or "Duplo" style blocks or even cards if you are manually skilled.

– Safe Emergencies – these games are based on educational grounds. These include the implementation of good procedures for emergency events. This includes what to do in the event of fire and other urgent situations. An important part of these games is to build a calm routine around it.

– Simple Board Games – Begin with simple board games and increase the difficulty level when a child is older and learn how to work with the game. the rules of the game. Many board games are a fun activity for autistic children because they are relatively predictable and routine. They also encourage the cycle, but make sure the loser is never a big deal, just a result. Otherwise, they may associate negative emotions with the game and deny the game.

– Simple Childhood Games – Think back about your childhood and the games you've played. For many children, there is no reason why they can not participate in basic childhood games. As long as they are not socially complex, many autistic children can have a lot of fun playing games such as tagging or tracking a driver. Keep in mind that the best activities for autistic children do not require them to hold close or extensive physical contact with other people. It is a good idea to make sure that you stick to games that focus on the child's unique skills to increase the comfort and confidence of the game.

– Organized Sports – Many children want to participate in organized sports like any other childhood. It is a sport that allows them to participate without too much sensory stimulation and does not require much equipment. Golf and baseball are good activities for autistic children, while sports, such as football, do not match. Autistic children often enjoy different sensory stimuli, and water polo matches the bill. Getting them over or keeping and squishing them can be a lot of fun. This also encourages children to play with others in games such as "hot potatoes" – the balloon filled with water is thrown like a hot potato. live near the water and your child is responsible around the water, skipping rocks is a great way to entertain and use the muscles of the arm, encouraging the development of motor skills. If there is a pool that is large enough, try replacing plastic floating plates.

– I Spy – If you try to pass the time in the car or sit in the yard, this game is great for acquiring colors socially interacting with others

These activities for autistic children are a great way to have fun , learn important lessons, and develop basic social skills without landing the earth.

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