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The popularity of football in the world

Football rebel fans are a real proof of the popularity of this game, which has dug its delicious roots all over the world. The center of the game is the ball-shaped ball which is also called a soccer ball, and the game is played between two teams, each team having eleven team members.

The rectangular field is the former requirement where you can play the game, even though today's manufactory field is used for football. Both teams have their own goal, which is in the middle of the final zone. The only way to look for points is to move the ball to the goal of the other team. Players can only touch the ball with their feet and rarely use their bodies and heads to move the ball. Damage can protect their whole body, including hands and arms.

The game is won by the team who scores the most goals throughout the game. Sometimes the outcome of the game ends when both teams receive the same score or, in some cases, the penalty shootout is awarded to both teams to identify the winning team.

The Football Association was founded in 1863, and this organization launched the game of football in the United Kingdom and the game is governed by the rules mentioned in the rules of the game. Countries participating in football matches, however, meet the federal football federation or FIFA.

The most respected football tournament that players and spectators are expecting all over the world is the FIFA World Cup, which takes place four years and matches are governed by the rules of the game. Each team has a captain and the captain has a great responsibility to make the decisive decisions during the game.

During the game, players can not afford to touch the ball at any time, and when normal play is activated, players are free to receive the ball in any direction except, of course, on the spot. Players use different tactics, such as dribbling, which allows them to move the ball, and the opponents team always seizes the pass.

The football match is for ninety minutes, then there are two parts for the game, each with 45 minutes. There is a 15 minute interval between the two sides and the referee treats the game as a whole and his decisions are considered the final word during the game.

Football is best known as football and one of those games that totally humiliates viewers and players around the globe, and the FIFA World Championships can hardly be missed.

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