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Sunday School Activities – Thanksgiving for Primary Schools

With the celebration of Thanksgiving, it is important to teach the children at Sunday School so we can be grateful. This season is a good reminder that we can be grateful for God and thank you for what he did to us. With the Psalms 107: 1 and the Thanksgiving Flower, children can go back to the holiday and share the greeting spirit.

The Biblical Poem

Launch the Sunday School Class by asking what everyone thinks of when they are thinking of Thanksgiving. Possible responses include pilgrims and indians, turkey, football, parades, and family time. We definitely associate different things with this freedom, but it's important to remember who should thank you!

Then divide Zsolt 107: 1: "He gives thanks to the Lord, for Good, for eternity lives." Explain that you owe thanks to God praying, taking care of what he has created and pleasing to all . Invite the children to discuss how God is good and what they want to thank for Him.

Stickers or Crayons

  • A Personalized Craft, Polaroid Camera or Digital Camera with a printer
  • Collect the kids on the workpiece to make flowers. If you have an instant-printing camera, take a picture of every child and cut it around to use it in the center of the flower. If this is not possible, you can use circles, jewelery or fuzzy balls that build the center of the flower.

    Each of the petals has to give the kids one thing they are grateful (if they are too young, write them down, or take pictures). Children decorate the other papers with their names and images of all that God has created

    Wrap Up

    If the kids do the flowers and the glue dry, share them with the rest of the class they chose to thank every single pet. Before you take them home, go to the kids on the table or on the floor to see what everyone did. Talk about the beautiful field God has so gracefully enjoyed!

    Completing the Sunday School with the Prayer of Thanksgiving. Thank God for each member of the class and ask him to bless each and every flower of his flower.

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