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Inspirational Story – Bring the Army Naval Game to War Veterans

The Army Naval Game is a form of an inspirational story every year in December, which gives a sense of attention to the nation for a few days. From the fanfare a few days before the game to the day when the presidents usually speak for VIP, this traditional contest of the two nations' military equipment is a game that matches the Super Bowl. Bennett and Vivian Levin in 2005 were an excellent opportunity to use this sport extravagance for the vulnerable veterans of the nation who came back from the Middle East.

After listening to radio reports from the injured American troops, they said, "We have to tell them we care about it." Therefore, they decided to host a trip to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the Bethesda Navy Hospital for the annual army and naval football match in Philly, so they began their inspirational story on 3 December to help the less privileged.

In order for Benneth and Virian, who are themselves millionaires to create this event, have their own railway line organized by attracting others interested in sponsoring trains. Only 15 other railway wagons were fitted to supplement the three rail wagons and two locomotives. They also got Amtrak to deliver these cars to D.C., where they would go together to go to Philly – and later to their owner. Conrail also provided the service for the train called Benneth and Liberty Limited, Virian. The fact that they managed to collect the trains was in itself an inspirational story. At the end of the veterans, the couple reached the Walter Reed Hospital Chief of Staff at the Army War College. The general loved the idea of ​​this inspirational story but had to agree on the conditions set by Levins to make it a truly veteran event. He was not a press, media, civilian, pentagram or politician at Liberty Limited. On the stage, these veterans were set to about 90 in the most traditional military way.

The War College provided the veterans with seats in the stadium. Corporate donors have sponsored good bags, equipment, gifts, and so on. Lunch was still thrown for participants who also enjoyed luxurious service, meals and drinks at Liberty Limited during the trip.

The game itself is in the usual style, but the veterans soaked the joy and kindness that Levins and others did. It was a really inspirational story and shows that people with money still remember to share their share for the more needy. Since Liberty Limited has become a familiar tradition of the Army Navy game. This is one of the few things I'm waiting for veterans of the American Army.

God bless the Levines. And bless our soldiers … everybody.

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