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How to Make Money Shopping and Selling Tickets – Selling Tickets Profit on eBay II. Part

Before I get involved in this part, let me tell you that I notice that sellers with higher feedback usually get higher prices. This is not always the case, but I usually think this is true. If you have zero feedback, we encourage you to buy and sell some of the bargains first before you can buy tickets. I get a great 100% feedback and get lots of sales, and there are still people who send emails and ask if the tickets are genuine. What kind of question is this? Yet there are a lot of fake tickets.

Here's a list of the techniques and services I use for killing lists.

  • Listing Template. I use a permanent template over and over again. All my auctions are the same, or they feel like a "brand". If it only begins, you should visit eBay and see each listing plan. Feel free to look for my list of examples.
  • List right away. I do not want to list tickets (with a few exceptions) If a show starts this morning, my list is usually within my watch. Time goes on … demand goes down. He obviously waits for the Bowl Games tickets, as the teams do not know about a later date.
  • Pictures. It's important to always show your locations on-site. For example, if you sell football tickets, you should show the view of their seats. is a good place to buy this type of image, which is only $ 9.95 a year.
  • Images of actual tickets. I've read a few guidelines to scan and upload the actual tickets. I say no. I've never done this, why? Because this is the simplest way to do some fraud. Each ticket has a bar code. Each ticket is different. If this picture is lifted from the auction, you can make a double ticket. When you enter the event, the ticket will be scanned and only one defender will enter the ticket per ticket. You can see what would happen if many tickets were created with the same bar code. If you feel you have to display the tickets to "edit" the barcode with photoshop or similar photo editing software.
  • Use pre-loaded information. The eBay listing page always has a box that says "Pre-loaded item information:" Use this whenever possible. Enter event name and / or location and date. You will search for its database and attach all the details of that event. It helps you finish your searches on eBay. You can then fill in the specifics (row, section). Adds a clickable map to the event venue.
  • Listing Duration. I like to use a 3-day list. Others claim that a daily subscription or a 7-day list is the best. Here is my opinion. I do not think a daily auction gives enough light. If you get the hottest tickets for the show, record them for a long time. But I feel that the seven days are too long. There are some people who want MOST and panic and buy an Buy it Now auction or buy from 3 or 5 days auctions. I think ticket buyers pay close attention.
  • Take It Now – YES OR NO? I used this before and still do it. This is a judicial call. If there are many auctions with similar auctions, they tend to use BIN. Send them in and get rid of them. However, if you have a kind of prime center, you can sell it at a low price. Generally, I set a BIN price to be happy, even if someone has less space. If you use the Buy Now feature, you can use "Instant Pay Required" otherwise you can end the auction, stiff for a week, then tickets are worth less.
  • Starting price. Many would argue with this, but I have the advantage of starting the auction at face value or somewhat smaller. If I pay $ 210.50 for a pair of tickets, I can start $ 199.95. The customer sees this value. If steel nerves start at $ 9.95 and save some subscription fees. This is likely to get more hits and more bids. Once again, conviction calls.
  • Seat location. I DO NOT list the number of actual seats. If someone sends me an e-mail, I'll give it a general place. 2-8. This gives the buyer a certain privacy and also applies to fraud. However, I list the line, the section, and so on.
  • details. Stick to the facts and do not miss the details. The show, place, place of the ticket. Make sure that you publish the policies, make a return (I recommend NO, except the show's deletion), how much shipping, can I buy tickets, and payment methods (do not take personal checks!). Make sure the spelling is correct.
  • e-tickets. Usually I buy actual tickets or "hard tickets", mainly because I buy them at a terminal. the etickets are becoming more popular. If I write this guide a year, I would say I DO NOT buy e-tickets, but now I change my mind. Although easier to scam / copy etc, they can be transported easier … that is to send them to the winner. Try to buy some in a preview and see how they are sold like "hard tickets." Do online research and judge yourself.
  • Always answer e-mails and questions. Make sure you always answer customer questions on time. If you are a question that you think you can ask several times, check the auction box in your mail in your reply.
  • BE HONEST! One of the most important things I've found is that honesty is always the best policy. Do not tell the auction "Great view on the stage" if not. If you are wrong in the list and have your bids, you accept or finish the auction. Do not leave the receiver with sour grapes or leave a negative feedback. I hope you have learned a lot from this post and wish you luck in your potential new business. There's a lot of money on the tickets, do not miss it.

    Do not forget to always have fun and enjoy what you do!

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