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Balanced Line is a one-shot attack for youth football

Most of the youth football teams running single-winged attacks start from the traditional unbalanced lineup.

Many coaches asked him to use the Balanced Line Single Wing attack on youth football. Most coaches are asked because they have "special rules" in their youth football leagues, which require them to develop balanced lines. There are such rules in 2-3% of the youth football leagues.

An unbalanced one-line attack can be modified to a very straight line. While single-winged high school students cling to the unbalanced stock, many of them have a balanced set, or two.

Menominee Michigan High School carries a nearly complete one-winged attack on a balanced set of sets. Menominee won another state title last year and blasted Minnesota's highest-ranking champion champion (Wayzata-3,400). Menominee, as you most know, has only 550 students. It is difficult to argue with Menominee's head coach Ken Hofer, who has more than 250 victories to make this offense from a balanced line. Hofer is a legend in single-circle circles and an excellent clinical loudspeaker

Some modifications are required when a single-wing attack is performed from the Balanced Line Set:

The center of the attack line is the center of the center. Pull the left-hand guards off-tackle on the right. Pull only the right-hand guard (not the power plant) to the left. The left collision blocks the GD, descending with traps on the left.

As you can see, moving to a balanced line is not a big deal if you need it. If I had forced this offense, those changes would be. It would take my power to the left guard because he would be my second most prestigious athlete.

Everyone has to play all the rules that the leagues think makes sense, no matter how stupid. Do not hesitate or moan, just adjust and adjust the job.

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