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Youth Football Banquet

Banquet Ideas for Youth Football Teams

Team banquets or awards ceremonies can be an excellent way to close the seasons. There are many ways to do this, here is what worked for us this season: Two weeks after the end of the season we rented the YMCA for a Friday night. Next morning, YMCA will be received from 7:00 to 6:30. The nearest YMCA is only one year old and has an indoor pool with many gyms, games room, including Wii, rock climbing wall and so on. For $ 850, YMCA will provide 8: 00-10: 00 precautions and rock climbing guides and night observer. This was paid out of the concessionary money and banknotes

Parents and brothers had to leave at 11:00. Several moms and dads did chaperoning, hot dumplings, snacks and drinks for the kids all night, donuts and juices to the morning. The younger kids finally hit the bag and swam the sleeping bags around 3:00, while the 7th and 8th grade stayed on the night. I'm still not sure if anyone can spit balls for 7 hours without dropping your arm.

The next Sunday we had the banquet at the local community center. We offered cakes and drinks, and all three teams were together with parents and siblings. Each player received a 12-inch trophy and a prize-winning certificate with all the three teams after the second prize, but was the best record in the 24-4 round. The player's trophy name, team information and "championship champion champion" , all players in the certificates were: Most Valuable Defensive Player, Most Better Player, Most Valuable Officer Linemen, etc. Weekly Character Theme Winners: Endurance, Compassion, Teamwork and Coexistence, etc. All players who got older had the team ring and Fat Head's picture of himself or on the team. Scientific prizes usually include a Fat Head, and each player received a season DVD that highlighted the season, the pictures and of course the full game video of all the games that were set up for music, 19659002 ] All players will be announced and up As they go to the stage, we will always try to talk a bit about what the player achieved during the season and how he improved. Though banquets may seem painful, there is a good way to look at the season with the kids and parents and determine the expectations for the following season. I promise, after 20 years, most of my kids still have trophies in the box in the attic, but more importantly they will remember the season and maybe play all night on the YMCA. Is not this what we are doing to build great memories and help create the love and appreciation of the game in young youth footballers?

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