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Standard Track Size

At the Olympics, the track is at the center. After seeing the events, he might have wondered what the size of the normal runway was. The size of the track actually depends on the track season.

Two Seasons

The track has two seasons: indoor and outdoor. The indoor track season usually runs in winter. The outdoor track season usually runs in the spring. The indoor track meets usually similar to the outdoor track, with some exceptions. These exceptions include covered springs not having 100 meters sprint but 60 meters sprints (some indoor meetings have a 55-meter sprint). The outdoor track is traditionally the most popular track segment.

Track dimension on outdoor track

The outdoor track has a standard runway size of 400 meters. Its length is about a quarter mile. The track is oval. Nowadays the tracks have rubber surfaces; while older tracks are usually shaved. The inner area of ​​the track is usually natural grass or artificial surface. The internal field can be used for field events. Often, the indoor field is also used for a football or football field.

There are outdoor trails around the world. From high schools to high schools, to professional sports fields there are open air courses. The number of lanes on the outdoor track depends on which level the track is used for. There are six lanes in the open spaces of smaller secondary schools; while the numbers commonly used in the Olympics and other high-level events have nine lanes

Track size on the inner track

The runway running on the inner runway is 200 meters in length, half the outdoor track. Although the standard size is 200 meters, some indoor courses are 150 meters, while others are 120 meters. In addition, there are more indoor running tracks on the 200-meter course, but since the line size is more than 200 meters, no official records can be kept on these larger indoor tracks. At the juncture of covered lanes, fieldwork only means high jump, long jump, pole, triple jump and shot. These events take place within the perimeter of the track

The longest running race on the indoor track is 5000 meters. The 3000-meter race usually works at the dormitory level

Learn more about the track

Now that you know the usual runway size both indoor and outdoor, you need to look and field. The trails are one of the oldest sporting events in the world, and they continue to follow today. The track meets local high schools or colleges. You will also find where the elite track meets is considered to be some of the best athletes and athletes in athletics action. You may find yourself in the urge to ride on the track yourself. On the track and on the track there is a great way to shape and play.

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