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NFL Weekend Week 7 Selection

Baltimore Ravens (-3) VS. BUFFALO BILLS: ******* HANGVERSENY VERSION.

**** BEST BET **** New England Patriots (-16.5) VS. MIAMI DOLPHINS: **** This game is one of our best ideas for the week.

**** BEST BET ***** NEW NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (-8.5) VS. Atlanta Falcons: ***** This game is one of our best ideas for the week.

NY GIANTS (-9) VS. San Francisco 49ers: The giants continue to roll when a possible trapping game against the Falcons is dominated by fashion, and are now faced with attacking 49ers who can still be without QB Alex Smith. "Niners off line" has been horribly horrible for years, and this is a bad scenario that emerges against the dominant passage of giants. If the lead-legged rescue Trent Dilfer is behind the control panel, then this will be very ugly. The giants click on each cylinder and can not be covered at home. A PICK: New York Giants (-9)

WASHINGTON REDSKINS (-8,5) VS. Arizona Cardinals: Arizona is now down Tim Rattay's QB after Kurt Warner was injured last week. Rattay came in from the street a week ago and found the 3 INTs awful for the Panthers. Things do not mean that they will be much better than the Washington Redskins' hard defense. Sean Taylor will be rotten to Rattay's ruin, and the Cardinals have not played in all the travel guides this season. Redskins played Green Bay last week and this team would be great at home. A PICK: Washington Redskins (-8,5)

***** THE BEST BET ***** OAKLAND RAIDERS (-2,5) VS. Kansas City Chiefs: **** This game is one of our best ideas for the week.

**** BEST BET ***** Tennessee Titans (-1.5) VS. HOUSTON TEXANS: ***** This game is one of our best ideas for the week.

DALLAS COWBOYS (-9.5) VS. Minnesota Vikings: Vikes is on the road to catch the Cowboys who will be out for blood after losing their home poorly against the Patriots. The Vikings certainly have many games, as victory over the road is directed against the Bears, but the Cowboys are clearly better teams that will not cover the domestic back-to-back games. Dallas is in a good position in this scenario because teams that did not play in the first home game went to 31-10-1 ATS in the second game. A PICK: Dallas Cowboys (-9.5)

Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.5) VS. DENVER BRONCOS: **** A STRONG OPINION ON THE GAME. ******

*** BEST BET ***** CINCINNATI BENGALS (-6,5) VS. New York Jets: ***** This game is one of our best ideas for the week.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (-8,5) VS. St. Louis Rams: Rams returns to QB Marc Bulger this week when they come to Seattle to introduce one of their biggest divisional rivals. The Seahawk have a terrible loss at home against the Saints, and they need a lot of effort here. After Bulger is back, the Rams are still cluttering because they are injuring along the line, he will not be able to keep it straight. Seattle is very controversial, but the fact that one of its major rivalries will be enough to motivate them to win big. A PICK: Seattle Seahawks (-8,5)

PHILADELFIA EAGLES (-5) VS. Chicago Bears: This is a defensive low scoring game because both players have difficulty on the board. The Eagles won last week Jets on the road, but the duty continued to struggle while the Bears got a lot of points but made a lot of losses to the Vikings. QB Brian Griese is clearly relieved of the crime and defense can not play worse than last week. Eagles have a good chance of winning the game, but they must be tight. A PICK: Chicago Bears (+5)


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