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Lead Team 2 into youth football

Today, young people are playing a lot of defenses in football. Most youth coaches rely on what they played in high school or often feel the most comfortable workout. This means that for most of us the training of young people, most of them show 5-3 or 5-2 situations with a monster, 6-2 or even 6-3, without real security. Nowadays, we see a good 4-4 guy who really plays more than a 6 or even a couple of 3-5 people who love games to make 5 or 6 more people.

We took a look at the last season from a number of teams with a 6-3 look. Although we will not get into the coordination and the techniques of individual players, this defense was unique in their game. The corners were set about 12 meters deep and we were far off. They played a very deep zone, cover 2. At the center of the two outer line parameters, we only got to the center of our middle. The middle attacker played around 6 yards and the other two attackers were about 4 feet deep.

Of course, both teams have tried to play a strong side of the game. We noticed that whenever linebackers were read in the backfield action, they were aggressively loaded. Immediately after reading, the middle attacker melted into a deep third middle zone type, just trying to pierce the flooded passage. Both teams had high school positions.

"Florida" Solution

Initially, this defense seems to have caused some problems with us, 7 yards off-tackle. Instead, we had to put together near the perfect shoots, and we would arrange a 3-4 yard profit each time. It all changed after running the 16 Pass, this post was primarily for those who run the playbook and run the system. Those who do not work on the system, this football game does not look completely different from the sequel. Tim Tebow has so often thrown away the broadband customers at Florida University in the past two seasons. Good comes the Urban Meyers playbook, but unlike many dormitory football games, this is one of the young footballers out there. Maybe you saw Florida dropping this on the TV and the Quarterback moved in the direction of the spin, and with the prolonged hole in the pistol, it started the attackers and then shook the ball on the strain.

Narrow Finite Technique

The close end is the normal downhill step of the first step to read a run blocking linebackers and then enter a very short 6-7 yard seam. Or if the linebackers play very aggressively, even if they do not have to slide down the stairs, they can run straight to the seam.

Linebackers can be aggressive or go back to the pass, not having both. Even at the age of 7-9, 11 were able to finish in the 2008 matches. If the defender decides to move closer and spy at the close end, the corner is a very nice marker for sweep play or an even better "Mouse" series. The moving wing can now move freely on the edge of the track while the corner runs close to the same referee, which calls linebackers. Or use a similar approach with its strong side closure and without the back. If you try to run the defensive end with the shallow receiver, these light rail stations are kept outside the racks. In fact, as long as this is a very simple and safe step to finish, you will rarely have to finish these passes so that the linebackers will re-start.

Everything that exploits the weakness in youth football has the strength and weakness of defense. When you train for young football, you have to figure out who they are in the amour and take advantage of them. Step 16 is a perfect game to take advantage of this type of defense. Many youth football coaches do not like to throw a ball very much, I'm empathetic with you. I see too many youth football teams with a 20% finish, they're throwing too much catch and bagging. But most of these passes are being fired and very few of them are actually running. Less than 20% of the underlying attempts are in the full filling target zone of the 5-7-yard variety. The facts are that there are weak teams in the bludgeon and even teams that are better than the Sainted Six or even Six, and perhaps some great direction of the mouse or the Spinner series. But those great teams who really survived them have to respect the fact that we are able to finish a big pass game on them. Again, this does not mean that you have to finish these passes, you just have to run the fear you know.

I know that a youth football coach does not have a player in his team that can catch football, even though this coach has made the best efforts. But early in every game, sometimes at the time of the first offensive, his backdrop threw the ball as far as he could over his shoulder. The only purpose of this game was to create fear among defenders that this team could pass. This coach never threw the second pass in any match this season.

He has never had a team that was so weak, but this is a valid point. When you play the best teams, you must have at least the fear of completing. If the players have and the running game is like a well-oiled machine, the base line improvements will end in the game. That's why you are in your playbook.

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