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Football Teamwork – How to teach players that every soccer position is important

There are three problems that many youth football coaches face:

– What to do if all your players want to score?

– How to put all football positions into focus

– Teaching Teamwork Instead of "Our First"

The problem is that some youth football coach is that all their players want to play. It's important to teach players that every football position is important and teamwork is the key to success – this is also an important life-jacket. If the footballers are selfish and think for themselves, there will be no teamwork.

It is very important to dispel the notice that goal scoring is more important than protecting good football or helping. If your attitude is "my first" then there will be no teamwork and your team will never reach your potential. Even in Rec football, the soccer team competition is, and if everyone thinks that the only football venue to play that goes ahead is you will not have a good team because no one will be happy if they are not playing forward and never will be teamwork.

I've determined that players and parents are happy when the team plays well and wins games and is unhappy when the team loses most of their games. At U10, parents need to understand that you, as a coach, have the duty of the team and every player to play in places where the team is doing the best. In Forward you need players who can score or lose points. At U10 I do not think the team or players are in the interest of turning players into any position. I think it's better for players to get into a position where they can be successful and I think it's a bad idea for a player to get into a situation where he is doomed to failure and may be ridiculed.

If you agree with this approach, we encourage you to send an email to parents to play in positions that you think will be the best help for the team and their decision on their skills, courage, speed and who you think are the best help for the team in every position.

I would do 3 more things :

Teach the scoring celebrations of Brazilian team goals and put your team . He points out that scoring goals are a team effort and to teach players that when they score a goal that the CÉLT team (including the players in the queue) has to collect through the Center and take care of the team. This is what the Brazilian national team does.

DO NOT let the goal scorer be cool or great like "look at me". Unfortunately, you see professional matches and some national teams, and bad impression on young players. Tell the players that you DO NOT leave it because the goals are a team effort and anyone who does it . Goals often start with the casino game. An example was the USA's victorious target against Algeria – the game started at Goál and the ball was thrown to Landon Donovan.

Use iron on football fixes to motivate your behavior . When I was a trainer, I used one inch of iron on patches to reward players such as high defense, bustle, teamwork, position loading, and coaches listening. I never spotted spots for goals because the contestants had many positive feedbacks and did not want to encourage everyone to think about Forward as their most important position. The fixes are really motivating the players. More about this and other ideas to encourage teamwork in Soccer Help.

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