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Football – Defensive strategy

Bill Belichick is one of the greatest defense strategies in modern times. While we are not going to separate Bill's plan to try to figure out why it's so good we'll take a close look at defensive strategy and how defense can be as effective as possible.

Contrary to the oath, which essentially describes the game going down, defense is much more reactionary, not aggressive. We'll get it later. But in most cases, defense has to react and respond swiftly to the swear. Split seconds means the difference between stop and score.

Basically, there are only two games to compensate for simplifying this game. They pass and run. Depending on which compensation you choose, the defense must respond accordingly.

Most transitions are quite obvious. The midfield takes the ball from the center and drops into his pocket. This is what the defense can immediately notice and respond because the secondary ones are adequately covered because they do not have to worry about secondary access now. They know all their attention to the receivers.

But some passive games are not so obvious. The referee can take the ball from the center and pass a cross to a running back. Defense should not allow yourself to deceive this. You have to watch the player to see if the ball is still there. It's just as long to hide it. Meanwhile, the first line of defense can still stop running, even if there is no ball.

In many cases, the coming game will be quite obvious. One third down and down, the crime will look to run the ball. The defense almost gets stuck in the box in this scenario to try to keep running with the first stop. The same is true for long yardage games. If the third is down and going to 20, its first line is enough to blow the battle and perhaps even a strong security. The chances of running are quite thin.

However, in all these cases the defense responds. Well, defense can also represent a proactive attitude. It changes each game so it tries to confuse responsibility with coverage. This was something that Bill Belichick went as well as a defensive coordinator and still as a leading coach. The key to the game is to always keep your opponent guessing. If you know what's coming, your odds of stopping him in defense will be much smaller.

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