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How to Perform a Curved Route – Buyer Training

Curly road is a medium distance game. This is a game designed to "take what they give you". The Curl Path is a very effective game used to turn off defensive when D is set up to protect the long ball.

At the heart of this article, customer training is the basic foundation needed to run a curly route, starting with how to fit with variations in patterns that can be used to run line patterns.

Lining Up

Determining the order of customers is not important for running wavy lines.

Creating the Assortment

After the game is started and released from the LOS, you want to blow up the downhill field. You want your defensive back to think you're flying a flight pattern.

10, 15-20 yards would run down, the usual length of a curly pattern. Leaping in the field; keep your eyes straight ahead. You need the protector to buy the fly pattern and have a pillow between you and him, so if you hit the curl, too much land to protect the pass. Curly routes usually have a length of 10, 15 or 20 yards, they run on the sideline or the center of the field and begin the curl.

Taking the Tunnel

After you have started the route and folded, you are ready to catch the gateway. Waves are usually timing patterns. In most cases the referee dropped the ball while pulling the cut off. To make this an effective game, you want to: o practice your curly patterns with your midfielder and synchronize the timing.

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