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Gold's History of Gym

In 1965, a man named Joe Gold had a simple dream. His dream of opening a gym was in Venice, California. He did this and called the gym as Gold's Gym. Gold Fitness is currently the world's largest fitness club and the bodybuilding symbol


Gold's Gym Internation, Inc. started with a single gym that is located in Venice, California. This gym has become the center of the US bodybuilding sport. The original slogan of Gold's Gym for weightlifters was not a gym. Over the years, however, the slogan has changed to attract a wider range of consumers. The new Gold Gym offers a variety of classes that everyone likes. The classes offered depend on group exercises, pilates, yoga and spinning, and of course not a gold therapy with personal trainers and no weight lifting.

The company's primary income is franchise sales and corporate gymnasium. Money is also spent by selling clothing and accessories with the Gold logo. The gold logo, the bald headweight weight, was created in 1973 by Ric Drasin, who was Arnold Schwarzenegger's training partner for four years.

Since the establishment of the gym since 1965, his hand has changed several times. Joe Gold sold the company for $ 50,000 in 1970. The company has just changed TRT Holdings in 2004 for about $ 160 million.

The reason is the bodybuilder's gymnastics from Muscle Beach to the Venetian location for the first gym. The fact that many bodybuilders like Gold's gym in Venice, California, because Gold has designed and built all the equipment, and it was one of the best equipment in the world.

The sport of bodybuilding for the first time in 1977 was Pumping Iron, whose bodybuilder was Arnold Schwarzenegger and was shot at Gold's Gym. This film brought bodybuilding to the world and showed it to the future actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Gold's gymnasium for the future's biggest bodybuilder.

A simple tournament was opened in Venice, California, and now a large company has over 600 gyms in 27 countries and 42 countries. You can also commend it around 3 million members around the world. Not bad for a simple bodybuilding gym created by a man who will only stay in the company for five years.

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