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Football drills for kids – Fun Drills for teaching the basics

At the beginning of football, it is difficult to find the practices of children. Coaches should look for drills that are fun and not too complicated to make children feel good while they learn the game. Soccer drills for children need to be simple and start the basics: to pass, catch, manage, and maintain the right position.

The King of the Ring Drill

This football drill focuses on the ball head for kids.

  1. Players are large, one player in the middle (multiple rounds can be used for large teams).
  2. Drilling begins when the trainer throws the ball into a circle.
  3. A player with a ball needs to try to go to the other side of the circle.
  4. The player in the middle tries to stop the ball head with a solid upside.
  5. If the ball bearer moves to the other side, it stays where it is and the middle player in the middle.
  6. If the player in the middle is successful in his hand, he goes to the round and the ball will be the middle new man.

Keep Your Balance Drill

This beginner football drill teaches the correct setting for attacking players to maintain their balance.

  1. Defensive and offensive players face two rows.
  2. Players grab the opposing player's shoulder pad.
  3. The beep, the defending player, tries the attacking player to lose the balance by pushing, pulling, tilting, and so on.
  4. An attacking player needs to do the right exercise to maintain balance: his hip is low and moves his leg so that he is straight and safe.
  5. Turn players on and continue the drill.

Eye on the Ball Drill

This kid's football drill is designed to help buyers keep their concentration. You have to focus on getting the pass, even if you expect faith.

  1. Three players with hand shields form a large triangle.
  2. The drill begins with the receiver as if it were centered on the triangle.
  3. If the receiver is in the triangle, the trainer moves it high.
  4. The buyer jumps to catch the pass and the shield players get to the center of the triangle to strain.

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