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7 moves the ball to the Quarterback

When people think of football players who touch the ball on every game, then usually the running backs and backs are usually remembered. The only player anyone does not think is the centerpiece. Each track in the field is equally important, but the center is like an extra task in his hand at the beginning of each game. Turns the ball on to the gate. Here are seven simple steps to place the ball in the middle center.

first Step: Adjust your feet. Like all railway stations, the center must have three points. Let's start by setting your leg. The normal position asks for the width of the leg. The centers may be slightly wider if necessary because the ball needs to be thrown away.

2nd Step 19: Constantly seize the ball Bend your leg at the same point to seize the ball. Set the ball so that the corsets look to the left or right, depending on which one you are at hand. Hold the ball so that the point towards the ball is at an angle that touches the ground. Hold the ball closer to the other point of the ball with your thumb, with the thumb, but do not touch the pins. Hold the ball with her hands around it, as if holding a cup or a glass.

3rd Step: Adjust your feet. While holding the ball, you bend to the feet of your feet. This will allow you to explode your position while picking up the ball.

4th Step Butt down. It is important to compare a normal three-point viewpoint than any of the liners. Keep the throat. But not too far. If you're squatting, your butt is too low. If your pants are too low, it will be harder for the referee to get the ball because it will be too low. [Step5:HeadUp You must be able to see your blocking assignment. More importantly, it is less susceptible to injury if your head is up. This is a general rule for football, not just for the centers.

6th Step: Slide the ball. When the defender gives the cadence, the ball is thrown at that count. While holding the ball, he starts lifting to your bottom, where the handlers have hands. While placing the ball in the hand of the goalkeeper, rotate the ball so that the ball holding the ball is against the palm. Release the ball when it reaches the goalkeeper's hand.

7th Step out of your point. This step is concurrent with the last one. As you drag the ball to the gate, exit your position to block. Your hand with the ball should go as you leave your seat, making sure it is low. The foot with which you exit your position must be the same as the way in which you have to go, depending on who you are blocking.

All these steps are important. The most important thing is to keep your head up. Cervical and head injuries occur when we are uncontrolled in this regard. If you already play football, these steps are easy to follow because the basics are already set. If you start scratching, you might want to consider being a guard or a weapon on the offensive line before going to the center, but if you're challenging to become a center, follow these steps

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