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How to recover from Fantasy addiction?

Fantasyism is a defense mechanism against the pain we feel in our lives. This behavior is usually rooted in childhood, and this is a successful strategy that has allowed the child to survive the pain.

Often the child will use stories such as fairy tales to escape from the moment, and often these children have incredible imaginations and can tell great stories. You imagine a white princess will save them with a lovely prince … or meet a sweet, sweet princess who makes them happy.

As a child, this strategy is very successful, but you become an adult, it can be very devastating. For example, a child who has come to fantasies when her parents are shouting can find that when they hear the argument or participate in the argument as adults, they will run away again rather than deal with what they are before. They may also have a fantastic scenario in reality that disagrees with them and this can be very frustrating for other adults who do not see what happens.

A child inside the adult feels he is unsafe when he hears the shouting and the only thing he knows how to do it is to be safe. The adult does not even know that this is his unconscious mind as it is a deeply embedded behavioral pattern.

Fantasy addicts tend to be very emotional injured, whose life is very difficult to enter. Some of the fantasy addicts are unable to concentrate on what they are before they feel threatened – they tend to switch and release concessions while physically staying in the room. Fantasies are also planned for other people and often suffer a great deal of disappointment when reality is not the way they imagined.

Fantasy addiction is the survival mechanism of pain experienced in childhood. Not widely understood, although many suffer in the state.

The restoration of fantasy addiction is a process he or she is dealing with regardless of pain and learns to accept life as it is really and not the way you want it. It's about being really honest with you and watching how you look and asking what happened when it was triggered. If you are aware of the trigger, you can begin to convince the inner child that he will keep him safe and make sure that he never gets hurt again. Be patient with yourself. It took time to understand your behavior.

Addiction of fantasy is just one way we try to survive the children, and like any other passion, behavior that has not been followed. The drug-minded mind thinks she has to flee to fantasy in order to remain safe. Even if that's not the case, the drug addict must definitely escape because that's what they learned to do as a child.

There is hope. Every day is a new day. Be patient with yourself as you learn to live life as it is. Keep yourself in touch with the supporters, and you remember, survived, and now you have to learn to live.

Posted by Caroline Nettle

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