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GOM blocking system for youth football

Let's start by explaining in detail one of the most discussed blocking exercises that some coach uses in youth football. Any game you want to use can only be successful if the blocking schemes are solid and correctly executed. As a trainer, it is your job to make sure that each of your allies understands which defender should block each game.

The rules change depending on the situation, some of which are described below:

The specific attack form that we use The custom attack schema we use If it is a run or a rush Coordination of the defensive team The scoring report What is its capability our team this year How many talents are your opponents with the aforementioned some important factors that you should consider when deciding on the right blocking tasks to teach your youth football team. Another important aspect is how simple the system is to teach players. Particular attention should be paid to making the tasks easy for young children.

The Gap On Man Blocking System is designed to provide a solid set of rules to be followed on each attacker line in each game. In the real world this is not possible, but many coaches use GOM (Gap on man shortened) for a general run blocking strategy.

The GOM's statutes explain that all offensive liners decide on the set of rules. Every decision that every player launches places the center to the right or left. The GOM's statutes instruct individual liners to block the first guard that complies with the rule.

The following are exactly the rules that all rulers base their decision on.

GAP – When a GAP has an opponent (the gap between the center and the guard), this is the primary rule and the player has blocked ON – if there is no enemy player in the GAP- but a player lays straight on you, this is the primary block.

MAN – If you do not have an opposition player in defense in GAP or set up straight from you or ON, the rule is to block the first MAN (player) in front of you. This can be linebacker, defensive end or security. The Gap On Man seems to be the answer to your prayer, as it seems easy to teach and seems to be a simple answer to who closes, regardless of whether the defense lines up. The line must work together and believe in their other lounges, hoping to prevent the players who provide the right protection.

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