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Football Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame started in 1963 with seventeen inductances. Players, team owners, league officials and coaches can go to the fame hall. The main criterion is that they have to play a prominent role in sport. More than two hundred and fifty people were introduced since the end of 2009.

By 2010, all the players you introduced, one of the bars, played in the NFL. The only exception is Billy Shaw, who played for the Buffalo Bill before the 1970 AFL / NFL merger. The team that has recognized the greatest participants in this prestigious group, Chicago Bears is a wonderful twenty-six individuals.

The actual building at Hall of Fame is located in Canton, Ohio. There are many reasons why Canton was chosen. First, there was the original American Professional Football Association. At the beginning of the professional game, the Cantonese bulldogs won a number of victories and were among the best teams. An important factor in the decision was that the local community was broadly lobbying for recognition.

There is a strict selection process followed before a football player can be admitted permanently to the room. The forty-four-member committee decides whether the individual is worthy enough to receive this prestigious recognition. The committee is mostly professional athletes. Each selector must be selected on an open basis and can only be replaced upon resignation, retirement or death.
In addition to the main selection committee, there is a committee of nine senior special committees. The main goal of the group is to provide players who contributed to the game before 1985.

A strict rule is in force, which requires a candidate who is a player or coach for a minimum of five years. This rule does not apply when a team owner or other party submits. It is possible for a fan to nominate a person by contacting the newsletter committee via email or mail. During the year there is a voting process that restricts potential candidates to fifteen persons. The final list will be compiled on the basis of voting by committee members by e-mail.

The committee meets the day before the Super Bowl to decide what to choose for that year. At present, four to seven new inductions are respected annually. The ceremony takes place in early August. A week long festival will be held in Canton. From the day after the celebration, the NFL preseason begins with a game that is held in honor of inductions.

Statues that can be viewed at the exhibition center do not refer to specific teams. Honor is the highest level of individual athletes.

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