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Cross Country Travel, which affects baseball bets

In August, first and foremost, the idea of ​​football started sliding into football and fantasy football lovers. The idea slipped my mind into one of the most common aspects of football betting, which was often discussed on cross-country roads. The reasons are obvious why this is the case, as players must set their bodyguards when changing three time zones and are not completely physically or mentally ready for playing time.

This resulted in pulling the spade and seeing it affecting Major League Baseball.

The set criteria for a team had to fly east or west through three time zones. I was negligently worried about the day off between the game and only used the initial race as a benchmark.

At the start of the season, I ignored the Los Angeles Dodgers' initial play in Pittsburgh, as it had plenty of time to reach. I counted Eastern East troops flew to a few queens to the west and started back to the home base, but played another series in their regular time zone after falling back to the lower 48 level.

such a football that can be cut off, such as the beginning of pitching situations, is always different and the money lines have higher volatility. Some divisions can be stronger or weaker, but this is also true for football, with longer learning.

Since I do not remember seeing this information on the market recently, my first thought was that it might be meaningless because they did not learn anything in either way.

It started in 2009 to get a full season record and have to admit it became underdeveloped. The total record was not 31-32, -3.35 units. During this time, AL West was the big loser, with 3-9 records and -6 units.

Undeterred, he went to 2008 a year ago and felt something more. This year, the final record was 26-38 -6.85 units lost. This season was all the way to the table as AL Central was 0-5, and they were all underdogs. AL West was 9-8, but it was a very profitable + 5 units, thanks to seven winners. NL West was the difference maker with 4 to 11 points, losing 7.15 units.

This study went on to this year's baseball action and the results were more than expected. The time traveler in the season is 16-24, -8.7 units, nine weeks in the regular season, a rather remarkable figure.

In football this is a condition that occurs annually, although baseball is seriously ignored.

By further breakdown, road traffic crashes were well 35-66, -25.15 and my favorites were 38-28, +6.25 units. Both numbers are about what to expect, the former may have a slightly higher percentage of loss.

Almost three-year results end with 73-94, -18.9 units. This is not a knowledge that will enrich you, but you can make extra cash in your pocket when this is the case for the cunning baseball bettors.

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