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Border Fighting Game between Mizzou Tigers and Kansas University (KU) Jayhawks

The Border War is the name of the annual football game named Missouri Tiger University (often called Mizzou) and the Kansas Jayhawks University (hereinafter abbreviated as KU). This annual event brings close conference rivals against each other in the last game of the season in a neutral location.

Both the University of Missouri and the Kansas University are members of the Big 12 Athletic Conference. In addition to the Big 12 members, both belong to the subcategory known as Big 12 North. These two rival schools have continued basketball rivalries, although the Mizzou basketball team is very difficult to keep up with the Kansas University's historic basketball program.

In a series that was the first meeting of Halloween (October 31) in 1891 (22-10 Ku Victory) in the long title Border War was originally replaced in 2004 by the most impressive title of Border Showdown. Both schools have conducted sports directorships to minimize the correlation between dormitory sport and the actual deadly violent wars, fans, and media, and continue to use the officially termed "Border Wars".

After 1910 and until 2007, the venue of the annual competition ranged significantly from Kansas University at Columbia, MO and Memorial (Missouri, Missouri) to Faurot Field (71,004). Lawrence, KS. Prior to 1911, the game was played mainly in Kansas City, MO. On November 24, 2007, the two schools played the first few games on the weekend of Thanksgiving, which were held in the neutral location of the Arrowhead Stadium in Mississippi, Kansas City. Arrowhead Stadium is the home of the Kansas City Chiefs National Football League (NFL) team and has a maximum of 79,451 people.

2007th On November 24, the two schools met in 2nd place with Norway, 2nd place, and Mizzou in 3rd place in the rankings that has never quite seen in this competition. The exciting 36-28-year-old University of Missouri was watched by the biggest audience in every regular season's football game. Due to the success of the 2007 tournament, it has partly contributed to the extension of the Thanksgiving weekend at Kansas City, Arrowhead Stadium, until 2012.

Interestingly, the Border War has been operating continuously since 1891, with a noticeable exception in 1918. In two world wars and in many regional conflicts, in contrast to the controversy of the University of Missouri, the Kansas football game was suspended in 1918 for the worldwide influenza epidemic.

By December 2009, the closely attacked Border War series could not be much closer to 118 meetings. The current situation depends on the 1960 retrospective abuse of KU by an unauthorized player. Missouri led the 55-54-9 series. Without going blind Kansas leads the 55-54-9 series.

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